10 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes to Win The Halloween Costume Contest

If we talk about Halloween, costumes and costumes parties are the first things that strike our mind. We love to get dressed up in freaking costumes to be a part of the Halloween celebrations.

A spooky costume may be the epitome of Halloween to some, but to others, the best Halloween costume requires a belly laugh from a friend.

If you have been looking for some really exciting and awesome last-minute Halloween Costumes ideas then you have come to the right place. It is an art to dress up well on the occasion of Halloween and we are here to help you in that art.

10 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes 

1. Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Cast
 DIY Halloween Costumes
If you are a big fan of Taylor, then these costumes are exclusively for you and your gang.

2. Female Ghostbusters Cast
last minute Halloween Costumes
If you don’t like to look ghoulish, and then go for these costumes.

3. Princess Peach and Toad

Halloween outfits to Win Halloween

This one is very cute for you and your baby.

4. Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé

 DIY Halloween outfits

Oh yeah, this would have surely made you happy.

5. Mermaid Costume

easy halloween costumes

If Ariel used to be your favorite Disney princess, then even I can’t stop you from wearing this.

6. Donut Costume
 homemade Halloween outfits
Halloween and donuts go side by side.

7. Pinata
10 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes to Win Halloween
This is so colorful that all the eyes will be stuck on you.

8. Bubble Gum Machine
DIY Halloween dresses
Another colorful costume for the perfect Halloween Eve.

9. Pizza Costume
fun DIY Halloween outfits
One of the tastiest costumes for you and your partner.

10. Monarch Butterfly

fun last minute Halloween dresses

Who doesn’t want to look like a butterfly?

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Whether you’re going to a Halloween party this year or participating for a Halloween contest or to go trick-or-treating with kids, you’ll need a great costume to show your spooky spirit. We hope that our 10 top-rated last minute Halloween costumes ideas will surely be helpful to you.

We hope that you win the contest! Don’t forget to now share this with all your loved ones for them to have a blast this Halloween.

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