3 Things That Need An Annual Check For Your Car

Cars are like steel horses. They run and run without any issue for thousands of miles. However, they are not invincible and do need regular care. Just like a trusty steed, they have little quirks. Some cars find it difficult to warm the engine sufficiently in the morning and need to be left to idle for a few minutes. Other cars seem to want their radiators cleaned every month to function properly. And some cars even want to only be fed premium fuel in order to work as well as advertised. Although our stallions of steel can run for longer they do need to be looked after. Luckily for the average car owner, you only need to do these checks once a year.

How deep is your groove?

Modern tires are made to last but if you live in adverse or even mildly challenging conditions, you will experience more tire wear. If you live in a wet climate you will need to maintain a minimum of 4mm for groove depth. Go outside and measure how deep your grooves are with a tread depth with a profile gauge. These can be bought at pretty much any hardware store or car parts shop. For the summer when roads are dry, you must have a minimum of 3mm tire depth. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no such thing as ‘bald’ tires, only slick, wet and all-purpose. When a tire is slick, it has a great surface area for the tarmac, but it’s dangerous in wet conditions. It’s best to make sure you’re remaining in the happy medium all year round.

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Running costs

Just like we would judge if a horse is worth using in the olden times, we have to consider whether our cars are financially worth it today. One of the largest costs we don’t see as something to change every year is insurance. Our thinking is all backward, we should and do have the power to seek out better car insurance quotes on an annual basis. All you need to do is, fill in the online sections with your name and phone number and you can get a quote in minutes. If your car is too expensive to run in terms of fuel costs and maintenance, it might become affordable if you saved a lot more on your car insurance. Consider more economical tires and driving styles to combat the day-to-day running costs as well.

Economical performance

Just like horsepower ultimately fades over time, so too will your car’s ability to be economical. Your miles per gallon performance will slowly become worse each year. Therefore in order to remain on top of your engine’s efficiency, you need to make sure you haven’t added unnecessary weight. Empty the trunk of any items you don’t need in an emergency. Make sure your tires are inflated to the ideal pressure. You may also wish to consider engine carbon cleaning, to remove any blockages in the moving parts and pipes.

Correct tire depth won’t just provide you with a more comfortable rider, but a safer and more responsive experience. Over time our cars are loaded up with things we don’t need, so make sure you aren’t hauling things unnecessarily. 

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