4 Commandments for Safe Driving

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Never Drive When Tired

We are all guilty of driving when we are tired. However there is a line that we all know we should never cross when we know that we are not fit to be behind the wheel. So listen to yourself and make sure you never risk crossing over that line and driving when you know you are too exhausted to be in a fit mental condition.



Speeding is one of the biggest contributors to accidents and fatal accidents on the road. Drivers should always respect the speed limits, they are there for a reason, anything above that speed is too dangerous for that area. If you need to get there earlier, easy, just leave earlier. If you are a driver that is prone to speeding try to be more mindful of the speeds that you are reaching and try to reduce your speeding by giving yourself more time to get to where you need to go, listen to relaxing music and practice feeling more relaxed as you drive.


Never Drink & Drive

More than 30% of all car accidents happen when under the influence of alcohol so it is essential that you don’t mix alcohol with driving. Not only is it incredibly dangerous but it is also completely illegal, so getting caught driving whilst under the influence can cost you your licence. Your judgement and reaction rates will be impaired as a result of the alcohol, which will mean that you can easily cause an accident and people can get seriously injured. The last thing you are going to want to do is start looking up the best local DUI attorney in your area, so never, ever risk it, it is just not worth it.

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Avoid Distraction

Another big contributor to car accidents is the distractions that we are surrounded by within our cars. The USA have now passed laws that forbid the use of cell phone whilst driving as the number of car accidents, due to mobile phone distraction, has rocketed over the last couple of decades. It is not just mobile phones that distract us however, it is also simple things like changing the radio station and even eating lunch. So anything that takes your hands off the wheels and your eyes off the road is a dangerous distraction and should be avoided at all costs. So all drivers should be extremely mindful of staying focused on getting safely from A to B. Everything else can wait.

This also applies to children. Making sure that your children are happily distracted in the car, will mean that you have far less distractions and your driving will be much more safe as a result. So think about packing a car bag for any long journeys with your kids to keep them distracted and to prevent them from getting bored and squabbling. iPads and mobile DVD players are great for keeping the kids entertained, as are audio storybooks on CD, books and magnetic board games.