4 Ways to Boost Morale in the Workplace

If you are running your own business or managing a team, you will no doubt want to ensure that you have a happy and motivated team working for you. It will ensure that they are more productive, it will give you less issues to deal with and as a leader, you simply want them to enjoy their time at work. However, from time to time, moods can take a dip, so today we are sharing with you 4 ways to boost morale in the workplace. 

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Hold a round of meetings

As long as they are done right, and this is a key consideration, meetings should boost staff morale. You might hold a round of one to ones with your team, giving them opportunities to discuss and review their performance, agree new goals and challenges, air any grievances, express their opinions on proposed projects and so on. This will enable them to feel heard and more connected with the business. It also means they have things to look forward to or to be working on.

Team meetings can be a brilliant way to boost morale. Ensure that everyone receives notification of all you will be covering in advance so they can prepare and then keep the meeting on track and upbeat. Encourage open communication and handle any challenges confidently and positively.  

Improve any daily niggles 

In any workplace there are those daily niggles that can get to your team. They might not appear to be huge issues to you, but they will no doubt be frustrating your staff if they have mentioned it to you. 

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Take the time to either ensure that you are spotting these frustrations yourself, or do address any issues that your team bring to you. If the fact that there hasn’t been any new coffee pods in the staff room for a week has been mentioned, remedy it. If someone is having some technical issues, for example they need to fix a slow running Mac check here and get it done for them. 

These daily niggles might appear to be trivial in comparison with the rest of your to-do list, but they will be slowly eroding staff morale, little by little, so do not allow them to escalate. 

Remember and recognise

You need to ensure that everyone feels that they are individually appreciated and recognised. In larger teams this can be a challenge so you need to ensure that you are well organized to do this. 

If you have set them up with a particular challenge or task to work on, remember to follow it up with them. If they have something important happening in their personal lives that week, take the time to ask about it. They will feel valued when you do. 

Bring in something new

Bringing in something new, anything at all, will always bring a burst of fresh energy into the workplace. 

You might change the decor, you might add a new kitchen appliance to the staff room, you might bring in a new weekly game to encourage and reward top performers. Or it might be small, one-off new things, such as fresh flowers for the front desk, a box of cakes for everyone or hot drinks all round one morning. New means different and that keeps things interesting. 

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