5 Evaluations To Make When Hiring A Divorce Attorney

A divorce can be a devastating experience emotionally and financially. It is a time in your life when you need the most support. Whether you confide in your family, friends, or loved ones, it is vital to seek the legal guidance of an experienced divorce attorney. 

Just like every marriage is different, people preparing for a legal separation often face different challenges, especially when kids are involved. So, choosing a divorce attorney who understands your concerns is the first step to ensuring the divorce process goes well. Here is what to consider when evaluating divorce lawyers.

Divorce Law Experience 

When looking to hire a divorce attorney like UK divorce lawyers, you need someone highly knowledgeable about family law and well experienced in handling divorce cases. Some questions you can ask during the initial meeting include:

  • Has the attorney dealt with similar divorce cases like yours before?
  • How long have they been in practice?
  • How much of their law practice is devoted to family law or divorce cases?

Look for a divorce attorney who is better prepared to handle any necessary litigation over property division, alimony requests, or child custody arrangements.

Local Experience

Note that divorce laws may differ from one country or state to another, so a local attorney is usually more familiar with local family law. Therefore experience with the local court system is another crucial thing to consider. Judges have a vast range of discretion when applying the law and statutes to a divorce case. Every judge has their way of determining issues like child custody, child support, alimony, visitation, property division, etc.

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UK divorce lawyers with more local experience are more likely to be well acquainted with the local judges and the nuances unique to a local court system. As a result, they can be better equipped to handle your divorce case.


If an attorney is considered a trouble maker and is notorious for not playing by the rules, they are not the right one for your case. Regardless of how experienced they are, hiring a lawyer with a negative reputation can harm your case, and they could also be problematic to you as a client. So, look for a divorce attorney who has a positive reputation and is experienced as well. Checking reviews and testimonials is one way of finding out about the reputation of an attorney.

Success With Litigation

You also need to consider the record of success in litigated divorce cases before hiring a divorce attorney. Even if you want to achieve an out-of-court settlement, litigation might be a possibility. Take your time to research how much time the attorney dedicates to litigation and the success rate.


The first thing that hits people’s minds when hiring a divorce attorney is the costs. Divorce can be expensive, and you must factor in all the financial costs associated with a legal separation, including legal fees, child support, alimony, etc. Although you want to save as much as possible, do not hire a divorce lawyer based on the costs alone. 

You don’t want to fall for a costly legal mistake in an attempt to save some money. Evaluating the costs is only part of the bigger picture. But most importantly, the quality of services is worth more.

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