5 Industries that Could Change Forever Quicker Than You Think

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The world is continually evolving. If you were a time traveller from a hundred years ago, you would no doubt be astounded by the world you saw. Whole industries that would have been unimaginable, now host businesses with the wealth of some small countries. Propelling yourself forward another hundred years and you would expect the world will look just as different. In reality, though, those differences might not be a century away. They could be just around the corner.


Energy has been revolutionised in recent years as green energy has become significantly cheaper. However, this might only be the cusp of a tidal wave. Hydrogen fuel cells are being touted as the next big thing, as they utilise the plentiful amount of oxygen in the world to generate electricity. Nuclear Fusion is also an exciting frontier as it creates a lot less waste than the nuclear fission process we currently use. 


The Passenger Transportation industry has already changed so much in the last decade. Companies like Uber have exploded into global brands. In recent years, sales of electric buses have also exploded. But all of this could fade into insignificance if Elon Musk’s latest project the hyperloop becomes a success. He has already received verbal approval for a New York to Washington D.C hyperloop, so this could be a reality very soon. 


Imagine looking in a shop window, and within seconds the store owners will know with pin-point precision what could be catching your eye. Or perhaps you are looking on a web page and without even clicking the website knows what image you want to zoom in on, or where the best place for an advert might be. This technology is already available. Eye Gaze is currently used to enable communication with those who may be paralysed, but the technology could change how market research is done forever. 

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Cutting edge technology has already been harnessed to significant effect within the health industry. From prosthetic limbs to keyhole surgery, engineers and doctors have been collaborating for decades with great success. Cell and gene therapy promise the ability to modify the DNA within cells by either making parts of the DNA inactive, alter or even introduce new elements. It could be that the prevalence of diseases could be detected and removed before birth. The technology could be controversial, but according to the FDA, it is continuing to develop at a rapid pace. 


Remember when telephones were attached to wires and only used for speaking to other people. Who would have guessed they are, now, essentially a computer in your pocket. What could be next for the media landscape? Well, significant investment is currently being put into virtual and augmented realities. Pokemon Go had global success demonstrating how AR can be utilised for profit. The multi-million dollar Harry Potter franchise also launched its own AR game last year. Expect more big brands to be utilising this technology in the next few years to create ever-increasing interactive spectacles.