5 Reasons Why Your Car Isn’t Selling

Sometimes a picture can say it better than words  (image)

Has your car been sitting on the driveway for months? Are you in limbo, waiting to buy a new car, but unable too until your current motor has been taken off your hands? Are you excited every time the phone rings and then crushingly disappointed when it’s your mother-in-law and not somebody wanting to buy your vehicle? There may be reasons why your car isn’t selling as quickly as you thought it would. Consider the following, and heed our handy tips to help you fix the problem.


  1. You are asking too much for it

You may have added fluffy dice, and your scrub and polish may have made your car sparkle. Still, that isn’t reason enough to charge over the expected asking price. If the buyer can buy a similar car elsewhere for a lower price, they will. So do yourself a favour, embark on a little research and make sure your car is priced competitively. Check the classifieds and local dealerships and mark your car accordingly.


  1. You haven’t marketed your car effectively

Again, advertising your car in the classifieds with ‘it comes with fluffy dice’ isn’t going to help your cause. Neither is an ad without any pictures. To sell your car quickly, you need to big up any selling points, such as a recent service history and advanced safety features, and not ‘four wheels as standard’ and ‘complete with floor mats.’ Then add pictures from all angles, both inside and out, and give the buyer as much useful information as you can in the ad.

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  1. You are limiting selling opportunities

There are many places where you can sell your car, so don’t limit yourself to one avenue. As well as the classified ads in your local newspaper, there are websites such as Craigslist and eBay, and used semi auctions that may be happening locally in your area. Limiting your selling efforts to one area will vastly reduce your visibility. On which note, you might prefer to leave your car outside with a sale sign, rather than locked up in your garage.


  1. You aren’t being honest

Not every car buyer is a newbie. Most people will be able to sniff out any problems under the bonnet or on a test drive,  so don’t sell a faulty used car. Be honest about any failings, and reflect that in your asking price. Not only are you doing the right thing by the buyer, but you are reducing the potential for legal action against you if you try to sell something that is less than advertised. Alternatively, make the necessary repairs beforehand to increase the chance of the car selling.


  1. You can’t let go

If you’re a car obsessive, and your motor has been your pride and joy for years, you may be letting your emotions get the better of you. If you are purposely sabotaging your sale by becoming ‘unavailable’ when somebody wants to view the car, or you are shedding tears whenever anybody offers you a price, then maybe you don’t want to sell your car after all.


Final word

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They aren’t the only reasons why your car isn’t selling – it may only be fit for scrap as another example – but they are some of the common ones. If you have any advice for our readers, be sure to let us know in the comment box below.