7 Annoying Things About Being a Driver

Having your own car is great. Not only do you have the freedom to travel wherever you want to, but you can also do it at your own pace. However, having the luxury of a car comes with a lot of responsibility. Here are some of the things that we have discovered are drawbacks to having your own car. Some are horrible and some are just plain annoying.

oskaline from Pixabay

Paying for parking

If you live in a city, you will know how hard it is to find a decent parking space. If free parking is a thing where you live, there is a good chance that those spaces are as common as chicken teeth. You can’t just abandon your car in the middle of the street, you have to park it somewhere responsible. This means you have to pay for parking. As a general rule, it’s not too bad, the issue arises when car parks charge an extortionate amount for the pleasure of parking there.

Designated driver

We would like to take this moment to remind you that driving when drunk is illegal and irresponsible. So, when you head out with your friends for a meal and a few drinks, you need to consider how you will be getting home safely. Being the designated driver is not the worst thing in the world, but it can become annoying if your friends keep asking you to be the driver. 


Bad drivers

Unfortunately, bad drivers exist all over the world, and they come in so many different forms. There are the people who like to tailgate and harass you if you are not driving fast enough for them. People who don’t use their turn signals EVER. And then there are the people who don’t know what a speed limit is and drive too fast or too slow. Things like this are not just annoying, they can cause accidents. If you find yourself at the mercy of an idiot driver, you could use some expert legal representation in case they try to shift the blame to you.

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If there is one thing you should know about cars (or motorbikes, or anything with an engine) it might as well be a money box on wheels. The cost of buying a car can stretch from a couple of hundred dollars for a second-hand runaround to thousands for a luxury car. And even if you pay for the car outright, you still have to pay for the insurance, the maintenance, and even the fuel. The payments for a car never seem to stop.


Not knowing how to drive in bad weather

Depending on where you are in the world, the weather can vary wildly. You could have beautiful mild summers followed by bitter winters with lots of snow. If your climate tends to be stable, the odd flutter of snow can be a bad thing. For one, if it is only a tiny bit, it cannot be ploughed away. And second, if you only deal with little flutters, it means that you don’t get any experience driving in bad weather. Driving in bad weather is a skill that everyone should have a basic grasp of. And if you don’t, you should stay off the road for everyone’s safety.

Leaving rubbish

If you are a nice person and don’t mind driving your friends around, you may discover that they have left you a little gift in the form of a pile of rubbish. People have a terrible habit of emptying their pockets when they are in someone’s car and shoving the rubbish into the side pockets. Not only is this rude, but it is also pretty disgusting. If your friends make a habit of dumping rubbish in your car, you might need to add a bin so they don’t leave it in strange places.

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Phone calls

We have all been there. You are driving along and the phone goes. If you have your phone hooked up to your car, you can answer through Bluetooth. Rather than be distracted, you tell them that you are driving, to which they reply, “Oh, don’t worry, I won’t keep you long”, and then keep you on the phone for ages after you have reached your destination. Or, if your phone isn’t connected to the car so you let it ring. And ring. And ring. Every time the phone cuts off the ringing, the person calling you just hits redial. If you are guilty of doing this, please stop. It is annoying and distracting.