7 Powder Burn Rate Chart Templates – Free & Printable

These powder burn chart templates have been created by experts for making an appropriate rate chart for the chemical reaction. Loaded with a tricky background and unique creativity, these burn rate charts describe all the information in respect to the rate of reaction of a particular chemical process. Moreover, designed by scientists on true facts and figures these templates are well handy and explain all the chemical processes. 

What is a Powder Burn Rate Chart? 

Burn Rate Charts provide a relative burn speed of a powder in relation to the other powders on the list. Burn rates for a particular powder are subject to lot-to-lot changes, as well as temperature and other loading conditions. Also, the exact burn speed of a powder may vary depending on Lot, Load it is used in, and the target pressure of the load. Besides this, there is no universal test that can be used to rank powders.
Furthermore, burn rates are not linear i.e. the relative quickness between powder listed by each other in the chart may be nearly the same, or notably different.  

Uses of a Powder Burn Chart

So, how is a Burn Rate Chart useful to anybody during load development ? Let’s have a look!   

  • To begin with, burn rate charts provide a relative burn speed of a powder in relation to the other powders on the list.
  • In the second place, the way this Relative Burn Speed Chart is set up allows a Load Developer to find the fastest and slowest burning powder that he has load data for. 
  • Then, with the fastest burning powder and the slowest burning powder found he or she can define a Burn Speed Window that is drawn across the chart.
  • All the powders within this window are deemed candidates for testing with that particular load, regardless of the brand. 
  • Additionally, you may extend the limits of the window to the next faster and next slower powders listed in order to test powders that may be on the limits for the load.
  • At last, it can give you hints about what that charge may be, but you should always be conservative in your guesses.
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7 Powder Burn Rate Chart Templates

    1. Sample Powder Burning Rate Chart

To begin with, is a sample powder burn chat. The list is for reference only and not to be used for developing.

Sample powder burn rate chart

      2. Powder Burn Rate Chart

Secondly, on the list is powder burn rate chart

Powder Burn Rate chart

      3. Smokeless Gun Powder Burn Chart

Next, one of the interesting powder Burn Rate Chart Templates is smokeless gun powder chart. This gives relative information from various brands. 

Smokeless gun powder burn rate chart
Smokeless gun powder burn rate chart

     4. Hodgdon Powder Burn Rate Chart

Next, issued by Hodgdon/IMR, this recently-released table includes the latest IMR powders including the Enduron series. It also includes popular powders from Accurate, Alliant, Norma, Ramshot (Western), Vihtavuori, and Winchester.

Hodgdon Powder burn rate chart

     5. Free Relative Burn Chart

This chart gives an approximation of where the powders fit within their relative burn rates.

Free relative powder burn rate chart

     6. Powder Burning Rate Comparison Chart

Next, this chart is designed from the fastest burning powder to the slowest burning powder.

Powder burn rate comparison chart

     7. Burn Rates of Common Powders

Lastly, this template is a comparison between different common powders.

Burn Rates of common powders


In conclusion, in order to keep track of the powder burn rate, then, go through our above listed templates. Plus, perfectly and easily designed, you can customize them according to your requirements.

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