8 Must-See Exhibitions Of 2020

Exhibitions are like luscious and healthy visual treats that hold the power to rotate the wheel of fortune of everyone associated with them. This includes the subject matter, spectators, and artists. 

For an artist, the year 2020 will bring about new ways to express emotions and depict their imagination. Partially this is because some of the emotions and experiences that we had to go through now were not seen or experienced before. 

But, the exhibitions that we will talk about showcase everything from primitive early man cave art to modern art. However, considering the COVID-19 situation, some of these exhibitions may have been closed to the public; some may be open, while the rest have taken the virtual route. 

Amid all these incoherent circumstances, let’s try to find peace with art and list the top 2020 exhibitions that are still running

  1. Millet and Modern Art- Saint Louis Art Museum; 16th February to 17th September 2020

Jean-Francois Millet had influenced many artists who came after him. Millet’s innovative thinking regarding subjects like rural peasantry, landscapes, and nude. Come the 19th century, Millet was regarded as one of the topmost modern painters.

Credit: 1st Art Gallery

Somewhere, Millet’s artworks had a touch of radicalism, and he was successful in vividly printing his new thinking process on others. This exhibition is about recreating the fresh alternatives to modern art. 

  1. The Credit Suisse Exhibition; Postponed till Spring 2020

Raphael’s life may have cut short, call it destiny or whatever, but his artworks and his sheer commitment to his works have made him immortal. A painter, draughtsman, architect, poet, and an archaeologist, Raphael knew how to mesmerize his followers and patrons. 

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Credit: 1st Art Gallery

His artwork revolved around the lavish world of man and the divine, into love, friendship through which he propagated an eternal shower of learning. This exhibition, which was to be held at The National Gallery, London, has now been postponed to the year 2022. 

  1. L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped, Paris- Postponed to September 18, 2021

An amazing environmentalist and a phenomenal artist, Christo, and Jean Claude, are one of the most artistic couples. Christo has always been heavy on presenting modern art that takes inspiration from environmental concerns. 

Christo is also known for wrapping up his masterpieces only to unveil them at a set date. This time, the L’Arc de Triomphe has been built by the couple to reflect the Paris of 1958 to 1964. 

A project that was so dear to Christo that he had begun making it in 1962. But today, he won’t be there to gaze upon his wondrous creation as Christo died this year in May 2020. 

  1. J. Paul Getty Museum

The pandemic has brought us new ways to observe and enjoy. Taking a cue from this new trend, the J Paul Getty Museum has partnered with Google to offer a virtual tour of the museum, turning it into an online exhibition. 

The Getty galleries are adorned with modern architecture, and European art is embellishing the walls making a perfect fusion between art and modernity. Although the contemporary artistic fervor can only be enjoyed once you reach the place, experiencing the serenity amidst the artworks is possible. 

  1. Cosmic Nature, Yayoi Kusama- Rescheduled to Spring-Fall 2021
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Kusama, like any other artist, has a unique style of sending the message across. Her neo-impressionists artwork, combined with polka dots, will leave everyone in awe and make it feel like dripping into a vortex. 


Source: Pixabay

This postponed exhibition is one of the best curations that are helmed by the New York Botanical Garden. Because Kusama’s orientation with flowers, plants, and colors is unique and intimate, it is reflected in her artwork. 

Kusama’s iteration of the world’s obliteration and her belief in the infinity inspires her to make multifaceted artworks. 

  1. Imagining Freedom, Normal Rockwell, From September 2020

Normal Rockwell’s work on American history and the manner in which he connects the dots with history and the modern world is amazing. Artworks have been one of the greatest mediums used by the governments to nudge, evoke, and provoke the public sentiment. 

The to-be-presented artworks made by Rockwell in the 1940s depicted the four pillars of Freedom (Speech, Worship, Want, and Fear). These works were presented to the public to augment the war efforts and defend public freedom. 

This exhibition will be held at the Denver Art Museum by taking comprehensive precautions needed at this time of the pandemic. 

  1. Young Rembrandt, Rembrandt van Rijn, 10th August to 1st November

There is no doubt that Rembrandt is one of the most iconic and devoted painters of the 17th Century. From an early age, Rembrandt scribbles had more depth and deep-set skill set that was almost destined for him to give some breakthrough works. 

Credit: 1st art gallery

This exhibition that is to be held at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford will feature 34 paintings by Rembrandt. Out of these, his work from 1627 to 28, titles Let the Children Come to Me; will open to the public for the first time. Artwork by Rembrandt is something that every art enthusiast must have at their homes. 

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Outside of museums, you can also glare and find yourself lost deep in the perfect colors of Rembrandt with recreated paintings of the artist. 

  1. After Life, Marina Abramovic, Rescheduled to Autumn 2021

From standing naked in front of the spectators to staring in their eyes for as long as 736.5 hours (not continuously), Marina Abramovic is the most unique and different performance artist. Her exhibitions are always a surprising feast to the eyes, mind, and soul. 

After Life is Abramovic’s life’s work that also includes some re-works of the most iconic acts in the past. Her exhibitions are always intense and force the spectators to engage knowingly or unknowingly. The upcoming exhibition is her first in the UK and has been curated for the audiences here, especially. 

The Bottom Line

Which route are you going to take your next exhibition? It is said that art never stops. It flows like water taking or adapting to the shape of anything that comes in its way. Even though the world has come to a standstill, art keeps on flowing from one artist to another, from one mind to another. To stay up-to-date, click here.