A Look at Different Types of Convertible Vehicles

Some vehicles go beyond the purpose of serving people on a daily basis. Luxury vehicles have more features for people to appreciate while on the road. Convertible cars allow people to enjoy the summer sun and beach breeze. Convertibles may not be the ideal car to go out to work, camping or shopping, but they are excellent options for hanging out on the weekends in summer. If you are planning to add a convertible to your parking lot, here are the types you can consider.

Hard Tops

These convertibles are now becoming popular options for many people. When they are not open, one may think that they are typical cars. The roof usually folds back into the rear trunk. Notably, the cargo space left over in the trunk is usually small. However, most people seem not to care since the main reason for buying one of these vehicles is to enjoy their convertible nature. Some of the popular models in this category include the Peugeot 206, Volkswagen Eos and Mercedes-Benz SLK among many others.

Canvas Tops

When convertibles came into the market, the easiest option to overcome the challenge of abrupt changes in weather when driving was to include a canvas roof. Just like with the hard tops, the roof folds back into the trunk. The mechanism is less complicated and faster than with hard tops. Even today, these types of convertible vehicles are still popular on the roads. The canvas is usually black in color and has a transparent nylon rear window to allow light in when the roof is up.

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Two Seat Convertibles

Most luxury convertible cars fall into this category. They tend to have long hoods and trunks, and this body style will not allow for a bigger cabin. Otherwise, they would lose their design and style. Most sports vehicles like Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Kyoceras among others fall under this category. If you want to drive one, thenvisitthe Milani Exotic Car Rentals website to select and book your favorite. These vehicles can either be a hard top or canvas top depending on the model.

SUV Convertibles

It is surprising to think that you can buy a convertible SUV like a Range Rover or Toyota Land Cruiser. First of all, they do not have a trunk for the roof to fold into. However, they are now popular and offering much competition to the sedan or coupe convertibles. Range Rover is in the lead in making these convertibles for people who want to enjoy comfort and luxury in style.

Sunroof Convertibles

Although they look much different from convertibles that open completely, they are still part of this group. Some have a complete glass roof that allows you to enjoy the sky and the sun’s rays without having to pop the roof out. Some SUVs that want to maintain their designs include big sunroofs and moonroofs that make you feel like you are in touch with the entire world.


Now that you know the kinds of convertibles available out there, you can easily make a choice depending on the budget that you have. Choosing a convertible car should be simple with these tips.

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