A Quick Road Trip Checklist


A road trip means freedom. You’re not constricted by the shackles of airport security and flights. You don’t need to spend any time waiting around at a dingy bus stop. Instead, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want, with nothing but the open road for company. 

However, before embarking on such an adventure, there are few things you need to be sure of, so if you’re looking at taking a road trip soon, here is a quick road trip checklist to make sure you’re ready. 

Something Spare

While you hope that you won’t encounter disaster during your road trip, the world doesn’t work like that. You could spring an oil leak, or you could get a flat tire, so it’s crucial to bring additional items to ensure you get back on the road as quickly as possible. 

You will also need to refill the gas tank, but you might be miles away from a gas station. Thankfully, you can give yourself enough to get you there, as gas oil can be bought easily from suppliers online. With this, you can store it in the trunk and use it in emergencies. 

Enough Food and Drink to Last

The open road has plenty of roadside restaurants, cafes, and diners that will allow you to enjoy an authentic road trip experience. However, much like gas stations, there will be times where you don’t see one for miles. 

You’ve got to eat, though, so bring along some food that you can snack on if you get a bit peck fishing on the road. Not only will it keep you sustained, but it can also help with concentration, which will minimize the chance of you making mistakes.

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Somewhere To Sleep

You want to try to make it to your hotel or hostel every night, but a wrong turn or an adoration of your surroundings may not make that possible every time. When this happens, you need somewhere to sleep, even if that somewhere is your car. 

If possible, though, it’s good to take a tent and sleeping bag with you so you can settle down for the night without ruining your back, and maybe even enjoy a little campfire meal to go with it. 


You can have the most thorough and thought out plan around, but anything can get in the way. You may take a wrong turn; you may get caught in bad weather, you may realize that where you want to go isn’t where you need to be. 

The beauty of a road trip is freedom and flexibility comes with such freedom. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your plan, because otherwise, you’re not getting the full experience. 

Road Tripper

Jumping in your car and enjoying the open road is something everybody should do, but it’s not as easy as driving into the sunset. You need to make sure you have contingency plans to stay safe and be ready for anything that could happen. A road trip is supposed to be fun, and by filling in this checklist beforehand, that’s precisely what it will be.