After Dowry Demand, Kerala Girl cancelled wedding

In India, Dowry demand culture was in trend before some time ago. But now it is strictly prohibited in India under the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1962. But still the system is very much prevalent. It is just happening because many Indian families give dowry to grooms and found equal match for their daughter and also social shame associated with it. Recently, in Thissur, Kerala, a woman cancelled her wedding after the groom demanded money and gold as dowry. The girl named as Remya Ramachandran posted it on Facebook account.

She wrote in a facebook post,


Here is an announcement for people asking me about my wedding day. The person, who before the engagement, used to say that he needed just me, is now demanding Rs 5 lakh and 50 sovereigns of gold. Since I am completely against dowry and believe it will be a losing proposition to buy into a family that cannot keep its word, I have decided not to go ahead with this alliance. Thank you.


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It is great lesson from her bold message. Also a lesson is for all those who give in to the demands of social customs such as dowry, even after a marriage is fixed. Kerela girl’s this unorthodox step, her belief in her principles and the courage with which she spoke about it on a social and public platform has rightfully solicited positive responses from many.

This post has been viral on all social media network sites. She also thanked people and said that I would like to explain that it was my declaration of a decision. Never had an intention to hurt anyone specifically. Please don’t use my post for personalized humiliation ,instead use it against our social norms.

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