Americans Increasingly Showing Interest In Electric Vehicles

40 million Americans say that they will consider purchasing an electric vehicle when the time comes to buy a new car, according to the AAA. This is good news considering there are currently just 200,000 EVs on America’s roads, which is a long way off the country’s 2025 target, which stipulates 30% of all vehicles will be electric or hybrid electric. So, when it comes to choosing an EV, how do you ensure you get the perfect one for you?

Buy a new generation EV

One of the biggest concerns raised by American motorists about EVs is how many miles they can drive before charging is required. Early models of electric cars can typically travel just 100 miles before they need to be recharged. However, newer models offer many more miles per charge. The Tesla Model S is capable of up to 337 miles, while the Chevy Bolt can do up to 238 miles per charge. So, if it’s a long-range EV you’re after, make sure you carefully review the miles per charge before parting with your cash.

Check the warranty

Over time, an EV’s battery life will deplete, and a new battery will need to be purchased. However, you should get a considerable amount of years out of your battery before it needs to be replaced. By buying an EV which comes with a sizeable warranty, you can be sure that you’ll be getting good value and service for your money. As such, when it comes to considering all the vehicles on the market, look for one from a manufacturer that offers an 8-year or 10-year warranty, rather than 5-years or under.

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Expect to pay more in the short-term

Recent figures show that the average cost of a new car in the U.S. is $36,000. In comparison, prices for EVs start at $29,990 for the popular Nissan Leaf, and go up to $88,000 for the Tesla Model X. Consumers who are anticipating buying an EV expect to pay more than standard, with 44% saying that they expect to pay $4,000 more. However, this initial cost is offset by lower running costs, which total $632 per year. So while it may cost you a little more in the short-term, you’ll benefit financially in the long-run.

Americans are increasingly considering electric vehicles as their next set of wheels. And while there are multiple options on the market, it’s important that drivers do their homework to ensure they get the best EV to suit their needs and budget.