And The Biggest Cause Of Accidents On The Roads Is…

A new report has revealed the issue that causes the most accidents on the road. You might think that you know the answer, but we guarantee you that you don’t because the ones that we think are a serious threat aren’t quite as common as they seem. Let’s look at some of the greatest causes of accidents on the roads today and see if you can guess what the top cause actually is.


  1. Teenagers!

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Yes, you read that right, according to reports teenagers are one of the main causes of accidents. Or rather, teenager drivers. It’s important then that we do make sure that teenagers are taught how to drive properly and that they receive enough experience before they are allowed to drive independently. According to statistics, one in three teenage drivers crash in their first year on the road. This clearly highlights the need for more thorough examinations.


  1. Rainy Days

You might want to think twice about driving when it’s wet and windy. Reports reveal that a significant percentage of accidents when the skies turn black and the roads become a slippery mess. Of course, this is one of the issues on the road where it isn’t actually the fault of the driver, but by driving more carefully in these types of conditions, drivers could still avoid potential incidents.


  1. Reckless Driving

Reckless is still dangerous, but it’s not the issue that’s causing the most danger on the road. Part of the reason for this is that while people who are driving recklessly are not always control, they still have their hand-eye coordination and their response time in contract. It’s not the same as driving drunk or under the influence of drugs. Reckless driving can be anything from putting other road users in danger with your action to speeding through red lights when they are on amber.

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  1. Drunk Driving

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You might have expected this to have been the top cause of accidents on the road. It certainly seems to be where the media focuses the majority of its attention. But actually, drunk driving isn’t quite as severe as most people think. Don’t get the wrong idea here. Drink driving is still a serious issue. According to Morris James Personal Injury Lawyers, there were over 125 traffic deaths and some of these will have been caused by drink driving.  we need to do more to prevent this problem, perhaps with more severe punishments for drink driving. However, it’s certainly not the greatest cause of accidents on the road. Indeed, there is even evidence that the number of people willing to drink and risk driving is decreasing. Now, if we could only get people to stop doing something else while driving, the roads would be far safer.


  1. Speed Racers

You will have almost definitely seen at least one car show that has suggested the speed limit needs to be increased or even eliminated completely. And yes, there are countries across the world where the speed limit is less restrictive and allows drivers to go a lot faster. Whether they should be leading the way is a question open to debate. What isn’t is that speeding is the second greatest cause of accidents today. Now, one might argue that if speeding wasn’t illegal, it would cause fewer accidents. The reason? Speeders often crash into slow moving vehicles.

The point could also be made that some super fast cars have incredible stopping distances with one coming to a completely half after traveling over 100MPH in just five meters. However, it’s worth pointing out that most people can’t afford a car like that and so for the majority of the population, speeding laws make sense. If anything, speeding laws need to be more restrictive, and again, it could be beneficial to introduce stricter punishments for breaking the law here.

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Did you guess correctly? Yes, distractions are the greatest cause of accidents on the road today. The greatest distraction, the one that everyone focuses on is no doubt talking on the phone while driving. But did you know that just holding a conversation with the person next to you or behind you can be just as distracting? And, that those fancy hands free headsets don’t do much to reduce the danger here. That’s right, there are plenty of different things that can distract you while driving. You might even notice a bug on the windscreen. If it distracts you for too long, you could miss a serious hazard on the road in front of you.


As you can see then, the true dangers on the road might not be what we think. There are other variables too that aren’t mentioned here such as cars that are faulty. A car with a serious mechanical issue could easily cause an accident.