Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Why You Should Buy A Small Car


In the auto world, a lot of people get caught up in this idea that size matters. Well, more specifically, they think the bigger the car, the better it is. This is why a lot of small cars tend to get laughed at and pushed to the side. Just ask anyone that’s ever owned a SMART Car, and they’ll tell you they get mocked.

There are many cases where a big car is better and does make a lot of sense. For example, if you have a large family or you run a business and need a big car to carry supplies. Likewise, there are many instances where a small car is the best purchase you can make.

Bearing that in mind, this article will look at some of the reasons why you should consider buying a small car.

Easier To Park

If you struggle with your parking skills, it might be down to the car you’re driving. It’s a common fact that bigger cars are harder to park. Especially if you have a tight space with a car either side of that space already. If you have a small car, it’s a lot easier to park, which takes some of the stress out of driving. Also, it means there’s less chance of you scraping your car against walls or other vehicles as it can slot into tight spaces with ease.


Iconic Cars

Another great reason to opt for a small car is because many of them are truly iconic. We’ve already mentioned the SMART Car, but what about the VW Beetle and the Mini Copper?! These are incredibly iconic vehicles that are recognised throughout the world as being legendary. So, if you want to own a legendary car, you should get your hands on a small one.

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Generally Cheaper That Big Cars

As a general rule, small cars are cheaper than big cars. There’s less to them, which means it costs less to produce them, so they can sell for cheaper. Even if you look the more expensive small cars, they’re still cheaper than a lot of ‘cheap’ big cars. Just look at places like Cars & Co new mini dealer, and you’ll see that brand new minis cost a lot less than big SUV’s. If you’re keen to get value for money, a small car is the way forward.

Much Better For City Life

If you live in a city, then there’s really no debate as to what type of car is best for you. Small cars are far superior for city life as they’re easier to drive around busy streets and tight roads. It’s much harder to crash a small car in the city compared to a big one. They also have fewer carbon emissions, which makes them ideal for cities. Try driving a big car around a city every day, and you’ll slowly go crazy.

The whole point is this; small cars can be just as great as big cars. Bigger isn’t always better, there are many people out there that suit small cars way more than big ones. So, don’t always assume you need a big vehicle, put your ego to one side and get a small one if it makes sense.