Collecting the Pieces: 4 Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

Being involved in a truck accident can be a scary situation that may leave a person at a loss for what they should do next. Since these accidents are so complex and often involve several factors and multiple parties, it’s often in a person’s best interest to seek help from a truck accident attorney who can provide guidance through this challenging process. 

Using the information here can also help a person navigate what they should do after being involved in a truck accident. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Stop to Report the Accident

When someone is injured in a truck accident, they need to report what happened to the police at the scene of the crash. When doing this, the individual needs to ensure they are safe and if possible, they should remove their vehicle from the road. 

Be sure other drivers can see the vehicle by turning on the hazard lights or by putting cones around the vehicle. Doing this can help prevent another accident. 

If someone is seriously injured or even passed away because of the accident, it’s imperative to call 911 immediately. If not, calling the police or the highway patrol is sufficient. When an officer arrives at the scene, they will assess the situation and fill out an accident report. 

2. Get Medical Treatment

After a truck accident, regardless of how severe it is, it’s important to seek medical attention. Sometimes, a person’s adrenaline could prevent an individual from feeling pain or noticing they are injured. 

If a person doesn’t receive treatment at the scene of the accident or isn’t transported to the hospital, they should go to a doctor as soon as they can after the accident. Have a medical professional check for injuries and determine if care is needed.

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For individuals who don’t seek medical treatment or follow through with treatment recommendations, it may interfere with the ability they have to seek compensation for injuries down the road. 

3. Find Out Who Else Was Involved

It’s important to look for any identifying signs or marks on the truck or other vehicles that were involved in the accident. Even if the truck driver is at fault, the company they are driving for may also be liable for any injuries or damage that occurred to the other vehicles. 

This information is crucial for ensuring all the liable parties are held responsible for their role in the accident. An attorney can help determine everyone who is at fault. 

4. Exchange Information with Other Parties

At the scene of an accident, exchange contact information with everyone else who was involved. After the other parties depart, it’s difficult to find them again. Even if a person has their name or the company name for the truck, getting in touch with someone can be challenging. 

Getting contact information at the scene is best. This is especially true if the individual will try to seek compensation. 

Getting Compensation After a Truck Accident 

It’s important to keep everything here in mind after a truck accident. This information can help an accident victim get the most compensation possible for the injuries and damages that occurred. 

It’s also a good idea to contact an attorney familiar with truck accident cases. They can help ensure a client takes the right steps after an accident occurs.

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