Congested New York

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The population of the New York is growing every day, with more and more people being squeezed into a country that simply isn’t big enough for everyone. Cars are clogging up the roads, and public transport is expanding that much that we’re running out of space to fit everyone in. But this can’t be helped, and it isn’t going to stop. People are always going to be coming into the country, or families are going to keep expanding until New York will be ready to burst. But what does a congested New York mean for the people living inside it? This article is going to explore some of the issues that have risen as of late.


The People

Due to the roads being so congested, the dangers it has to the people are huge. Tourists especially are at a greater risk than anyone else as they don’t know the roads as well as the locals. It’s so easy for pedestrians to get hurt through a fault that simply isn’t their own as well. If there’s one thing people associate New York with, it’s the constant fast paced movement of life there. People are always on the run, and drivers are always rushing about. The chances of being seriously injured are high, just like in any other country, but in New York, this seems to be amplified a little. There are so many examples of wrongful death cases that it really is rather scary. But with the population growing, the risk is only going to keep growing with it. In 2016, 230 people died just from a road traffic accident, let alone all the other dangers on New York. The effect it is having on people’s healths is also starting to show. The smog in the air that surrounds New York is a little unsightly, and it definitely isn’t good for the people on the ground. The mixture of fumes from cars, as well factories etc really is polluting the air quality. The harm it has on the environment is ever worse, let’s explore that a little in this next paragraph.

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The Environment

Due to the sheer amount of people wandering the streets of New York, it can be a little messy at times. So many tourists decide to litter the streets rather than use the bins. This is obviously dangerous for the many animals that reside within the city. The pollution New York gives off is huge. The sheer amount of cars alone are creating a devastating environmental effect in terms of pollution. It is one of the worst in the world, and is constantly trying to be improved. But can it be improved? There’s that many people in the city, that it seems impossible to get the air pollution to a normal level. Whilst studies have shown that it has dipped slightly, the effects are still noticeable all around the world. If you come from a country such as the UK, you’ll notice the difference in air quality straight away.