Do You Know What Grinds My Gears?!

It always comes at the worst time, doesn’t it? You’ve just managed to get out of debt, or you finally have some money spare, and it’s time for the annual car checkup! It’s always something to dread, even if there aren’t any issues because you know that your wallet is going to take a beating so you may as well just get it over and done with. But there are so many common car problems that just require a little prior knowledge. These are very simple, and ones that you can use almost every day. So here we go, let’s cut back on your car bill!

Warming Up The Engine


It’s an absolute myth that you need to do this. So save yourself some money and don’t leave it run for a minute before setting off. This applies to modern cars only! Also, on the topic of saving on fuel, don’t idle the car at traffic lights by turning the engine off. It doesn’t use up any extra fuel, and again this applies to modern cars.

Drive With Purpose


What I mean is, you need to avoid heavy swerves and sudden movements. Granted, if you drive to new places constantly, it can be hard to know when there’s a sudden bend in the road, but you can always plan ahead to an extent, especially on roads you know. Extending the life expectancy of your car can be done with basic etiquette, and this means driving smoothly! When I got my first racer, I had to junk my car for cash in the end because I was so heavy-footed on the pedals. I now drive with a bit more care and treat my car with the respect she deserves.

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Knowing What Effect The Cold Has On Your Car

Do You Know What Grinds My Gears?!


Climate and extreme heat or cold has a massive impact on your little speedster. Extreme heat can make the interior overheat, which you can prevent by putting a sunshade in the inside of the front window. Likewise, the cold and icy terrain will cause problems to the undercarriage and the wheels, so get underneath and examine for grit and dried mud that can give you a headache and a large mechanic bill.

Make A Habit Of Checking The Smaller Issues

Do You Know What Grinds My Gears?!

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Once a month you need to check the oil, coolant, transmission, clutch fluid, and brake fluid. They don’t need replacing all that often, but by being on top of these issues by making a date every month to have a quick look, you are spotting problems before they get worse. By the same token, look at your tires and the essentials. Just by keeping on top of issues like these it will save you a lot of money down the line. 4 new tires is a lot more expensive than one, remember that! Avoiding the mechanic is something that can boil down to something simple, like wear and tear. And by using our cars every day with poor driving habits and not making regular checks, we are increasing our mechanic bill!