Everything you need to know about digital business cards

Business cards have been an essential part of businesses of every size for a long time now. Anytime you meet someone new who is interested in your firm’s work or someone with whom you would want to conduct business with, you can simply whip out one of the cards you carry that has all the essential details of your company, and hand it over to them.

While the cards have generally been made of paper till now, recently, many organizations are replacing them with digital cards. 

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card is essentially the same thing as a paper business card except for the fact that it’s all stored on a digital platform. There are a lot of platforms available that allow you to design your personalized digital cards. You can share these cards with anyone across the world with access to the internet over platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more.

There are a lot of advantages of using digital business cards over the traditional paper ones, including:

1. Visual Appeal

A digital card can be very pleasing to the eye if you spend some effort in designing it properly. You will be able to visually reflect upon your business with the help of it. A digital card will help the receiver become more interested in learning about your organization.

2. Easy to Share

It’s not possible to share a paper card with someone who’s sitting miles away from you. Using a digital card eliminates this problem as you can send it over to anyone on almost any desirable platform. Many softwares that allow you to store your digital card have features that allow you to share it directly from the software itself.

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3. More Detailed

There’s only so much information you can put on the limited space of a paper business card. When using a digital one, you can add a lot of details about your organizations by adding audio clips, videos, and other graphics. This helps in grabbing the receiver’s attention and they’ll be much more likely to follow up with you.

4. Cost-effective

Though many people believe that digital cards might be expensive, it’s not true. When compared to the cost of paper cards, digital ones are much more cost-effective. All you have to do is spend some amount on designing an attractive and effective card and your work is done. You won’t have to pay for charges for printing or storing them.

5. Easy to change

Things like your mail address, your organization logo, and many others, can change from time to time. When using a digital business card, you can make these changes to it in a matter of minutes without any hassle.

6. Eco-friendly

Using a digital card saves a number of trees from being cut down in order to produce paper. About 27 million cards are printed daily – now imagine the consumption of paper for its production. Ditching paper cards and going digital will have a significant positive impact on the environment.

Despite all of its merits, digital business cards also have a couple of drawbacks:

1. Lack of Human touch

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a digital business card is that it’s shared from a distance and not personally. This creates an emotional disconnect and often leads to the entire process being less memorable and you might not get a follow-up.

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2. Long process

It takes quite a lot of time to create a digital card. You will have to gain access to a software that allows you to do so. Learn some basics of creating a card and then get to design it. You’ll also have to go through cards of your competitors to get an idea of what gets the receivers to take interest in the business.

Should You Use Digital Business Cards?

The answer to this question depends largely upon your business model or not. For most businesses, using digital cards has done wonders in getting the word out about their organization to untapped markets.

Paper cards can only be used if you meet someone personally and happen to have one with you. Moreover, they are not eco-friendly at all. If you want to improve your reach and add a modern touch to your organization, opting for a virtual business card can be a great way to go about it.