Feminist Women Truths that They won’t ever Accept that Men Go Through

Isn’t it like whole of our population is turning into a feminist kind of stuff? But is it that right as much as it looks? In every field and in every occasion, women are granted a reservation. They almost win all the things on sympathy grounds. This is the reason why men verses women war won’t ever come to an end. Men are excluded from all the benefits that a women gains being a women. There are certain Feminist Women Truths that they won’t ever accept and men support. Because of these actually true truths, men fail to support and understand feminism.

Feminist Women Truths that They won’t Ever Accept that Men Fail to Understand

  1. Ji yeh ladki hain, inhe baithne dijiye or aap khade ho jaiye.

Women suppose to occupy not only the reserved seats but in fact all of the seats in a public transport and don’t even vacate even if an old men needs that.

  1. Can’t you just hold on the door for me?
    Feminist Women Truths

Boys are wished to hold on the door and also pull out the chair for the girls. But girls are never seen doing such stuff. Why?

  1. For a girl, her yes means yes, no means yes, & no means no, & no means maybe, but maybe means yes, & maybe means no.
    Feminist Women Truths

What the hell do you mean? Or do you think that I am a fool?

  1. You bloody behen****!
    Feminist Women Truths

They use ‘Maa’ and ‘Behen’ gaalis like punctuation marks and wish men to respect them. I mean how can they?

  1. Do you actually understand the word Patriarchy?
    Feminist Women Truths

If you do, then why do fight against men and why not against Patriarchy?

  1. Just like the stereotypical responsibilities of a Maa, Behen, Patni and Beti,
    Feminist Women Truths

Men have got the same responsibilities of a Baap, Bhai, Pati and Beta.

  1. Friendzoning. Huhahahahahahaha!! I just love that.
    Feminist Women Truths

Trust me; this is every girl’s favorite game. Playing with and misleading the feelings of a boy is not a big issue.

  1. Alimony is not a crime, but Dowry is.
    Feminist Women Truths

Not just how, Why is this possible even. Do compare the Bollywood movies ‘Inkaar’ and ‘Aitraaz’.

  1. Magarmachh ke aansu is their sharpest weapon.
    Feminist Women Truths

They can win anything and everything with this harsh tool.

  1. Their brains are used least, make up is overused and rights are misused.
    Feminist Women Truths

The things that need to be used the most are used the least and the things that need to be used the most are never used in fact.

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The worst part of the story is that they even ask for free drinks in a No Gentlemen Night in Clubs and Disco. And even then, it goes like, “Ladke Rote Nahin Hain”.