Getting Your Old Car As Good As New

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Whether you’re looking to sell your old car to a garage or a private buyer, the chances are that you want the best for your money. After all, whatever you make will likely go towards your new vehicle. And besides, cars cost a lot. The closer you can get to the original price, the better, right?

But, there’s no getting around the fact that time and use can take their toll on any vehicle. Without sending the thing to the garage for a complete spruce up, it’s unlikely you’ll get your car in top condition. And trust us; you don’t want to send it into the garage. It’s no good spending a fortune on a car you’re about to get rid of. It’s certainly no way to make your money back.

The good news is, there are a few cheaper ways to increase the value before it goes on the market. And, we’re going to look at the three main ones here.

The small touches

Over time, most of us let small things slide when it comes to our cars. Perhaps you’ve needed to tighten that door handle for a while but haven’t gotten to it. Or, it may be that you haven’t replaced the floor mats since you bought it. Either way, these small touches can make more difference than you think to the price. No one wants to buy a new car which looks like it’s falling apart. It hardly screams ‘quality.’. In truth, though small niggles like these are easy enough to fix, and can make a huge difference. Floor mats don’t cost much. Nor do screwdrivers and screws. Do a quick once-over of your vehicle, and take note of every small issue you notice. Then, set about solving each one before selling.

The paint job

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Paint often shows wear fast on a car. It is, after all, exposed to the elements. But, everyone knows that a professional paint job can set you back a fair amount. But, if you do want to touch up the paint before selling, you could always do it yourself. Companies like CTI sell auto body supplies and tools, including everything you need for a home paint job. Stock up, then do your research to find out how it’s done. Get this right, and you’ll achieve a professional finish which is sure to increase your resale value.

The big clean

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And, of course, you should never underestimate the value of a big clean. If your car is in a state, people will be less inclined to offer big money for it. Make sure to give it a clean, inside and out, before any viewings. Hoover the interior, and get rid of any clutter that doesn’t need to be there. Clean your windows, inside and out. It might even be worth investing in a car freshener to make the right impression. This small step shouldn’t take you any longer than an afternoon, but your wallet will benefit for a long time to come.