Giving Your Goods a Front Face They Deserve: 8 Reasons to Consider Investing in Custom-Designed Packaging

Custom packaging has the ability to turn heads. That is an invaluable attribute when trying to move great products into the hands of needy consumers. You can always get packaging solutions here for the best current ideas. To get a better understanding of what makes custom-designed packaging great, read below. 

8. Innovation

New products are created every day, each with their own distinct features, packaging, and pricing. No matter how innovative your product is on the launch, it is only a matter of time before something similarly innovative is created. This is why first impressions are everything when it comes to packaging. You can rattle off new features of a product and attract a lot of buyers. But it isn’t unheard of for those buyers to be turned away from less than stellar packaging. These buyers are not won over just yet, but interested enough by the features to look into the product. Imagine how awful it would be to have them interested in your hard work but eventually turned away due to dull or generic packaging? It is a marketing nightmare, and one of the things that have led to the rise in custom-designed packaging. If what you’re selling is innovative, then the packaging should reflect that same spirit. Anything less than the best will only degrade the product’s salability. 

7. Brand Recognition

Whenever you think of the big brands that have made a name for themselves, do you think of the name first, or the logo? Or do you think of both? Regardless of the individual thought process, both are always put on the front of the package. This identifies the product to the consumer without them even knowing the full name. There are plenty of people that associate any apparel with a checkmark with Nike. The same can be said of any food item that has a lightning bolt in its logo. This makes it extra difficult for other companies to create logos or colors that are even somewhat similar to other brands. Since consumers associate these things with a particular product, your ability to attract attention to your brand is an ongoing battle. The creation of the company logo is important, and it will define how your custom-designed package looks. The colors, font, size of the logo and more will all help sell the product within. 

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6. Creative Marketing

The marketing department can go all out if custom designed packaging is included in their assignments. The amount of time it takes to make a good marketing campaign is well worth the money. All of that goes to waste if the packaging does not accurately reflect the amount of money you put into the marketing. The design of the package can be a huge part of the marketing, and may very well give you new ideas. When a creative marketing pitch is finished, remember that your product will be front and center. Usually, it is just the product itself that gets shown, but there are benefits beyond this initial pitch. Products that go viral before a big launch can have their packaging reflect this popularity. It is a one-shot deal that amplifies whatever hard work the marketers already put in place. Once the hype dies down, there is an option to change the packaging and still ride the original wave of fame. But the marketing push will be a lot less efficient than when it is hot out of the gates and everyone wants it. 

5. It Separates You From Similar Products

When your product is in a category with a lot of heavy hitters, custom-designed packaging can be the deciding factor on a buy. It’s hard to break into a niche market and even harder when there are already established products from competitors. Repeat customers already know the packaging of the product they want to buy. There are times where they will grab what they want and put it in the basket without even looking at the other options. To make this a less likely scenario for your product, make sure your packaging stands out. This will make customers pick up and examine your product for further review. Even if they don’t buy it, your design will remain on their minds when they return at a later date. A potential consumer is still a good target for a product when it has strong competition. Look at companies in your category and see how well your design stands out. If the packaging looks like everything else on the market, then chances are you’ve done something wrong. 

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4. Stand Out On Busier Shelves

When the holidays roll around, a packed shelf can mean disaster for products without a loyal following. Custom design packaging lets create packaging based around special occasions or important milestones for your company. So even in a situation where your product is stuffed on the shelf with a million others, it will still catch the eye of an interested consumer. This is a hard thing to do with regular packaging that doesn’t distinguish itself from the competition. In order to draw eyes on a shelf with products that look uniform, your packaging has to be something completely different – and not different as in it looks like it doesn’t belong, but the packaging has to be professional. Depending on the color scheme for your company, this can be quite difficult. And if your custom design packaging has weird dimensions, there is a chance it will be pushed in a completely different location. Fight for space on busier shelves by having the best design that money can buy. 

3. Custom Designed Packaging Isn’t Expensive

Price used to be the main factor that kept companies away from custom-designed packaging. The methods and price points have changed drastically from where they were years ago. But the most important thing is that the value of the service has skyrocketed. A design that you can call your own is priceless, especially when it identifies with what the company stands for. When a custom design fits, there are multiple ways to make it noticeable to a potential buyer. You can run with that same package design for years, and it will eventually become a large part of the company’s history. All of that is well worth an upfront premium when getting a custom-designed package. In truth, you fully control how much or how little the business will spend on the design. Go all out, and the price will fit the uniqueness of your imagination. Play it safe, and you will spend a lot less, but may not fulfill the packaging satisfaction of the marketers. Balance out your expectations for a good design with an appropriate budget, and more than likely you’ll get positive results. When the success of your business is at stake, you have to give a little in order to get results. 

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2. The Designs Are A Great Way To Push New Identities

How many times has a big company rebranded itself for something small? No matter how small the rebranding is, the marketing department is in full swing to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Part of that marketing has to do with pushing the visual of a new design and all of the changed features. A good example of this is new flavors for candy. They have to make the design of the new product similar enough to the old one so that it grabs the same repeat customers. Instead of going through the trouble of grabbing an entirely different audience, they get their usual consumers and attract new ones in the process. Don’t think the new design with the packaging isn’t doing the heavy lifting here – it makes all the difference in the world when trying to push an established product with a different feature. The change may seem small to a company, but for consumers, it is a major difference. 

1. Social Media Remembers A Design

You get the good and the bad with social media. Bad packaging can put you on a trending list that is bad for the company image. There are several products that were made fun of for having bad designs on their packaging. Since some of these were from popular brands, it shows that bad packaging can tank products of any tier. When you don’t have the marketing firepower to push back on social media, getting it right the first time is vital. Instead of having to fight an uphill battle with bad package design, social media begins to popularize your good design across several platforms. Don’t underestimate the power of first impressions with potential consumers. 

Wrap Up

Find a style you’re interested in and tie your brand to it. There is an unlimited amount of ways to make a product great, and custom-designed packaging is a big one. Drive profits to your goods by making it attractive enough to turn a non-buyer into a buyer.