Going The Distance: The Careers That Will See You Be Away From Home

Many career options include heading to the same office every day. Many careers can see you have the flexibility of working from home. Both can be very lucrative jobs, but there are also careers that can see you needing to travel and stay away from home for longer periods of time. These career options may not suit everyone, but in terms of pay and rewards, they can certainly be one to think about. I thought I would share with you some of the common careers that take you the distance. Who knows? It may inspire you to have a change of career yourself.

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A delivery driver or courier

Sometimes you just want a job that is straightforward and becoming a courier driver or delivery person is one of those career options. It may not pay huge amounts of money, although it would solely depend on the hours and distance you travel, but it can certainly be a simple job requiring you to concentrate on getting from one place to another. Many people consider this job as it can be flexible, enabling you to choose the hours you work and the distance you travel. It can often suit people coming to the end of their working life, who are wanting to keeping bringing in an income without the same levels of stress that some other jobs can have.


Working as a long distance truck driver

A step up in a different direction of a delivery or courier drive is to drive a truck. Many trucks require long distance travel, so they can have you out on the road for days at a time. A lot of truck have built in cabins, which makes this sort of career quite lucrative. You have the benefit of traveling and doing the job and then having a set amount of time off before your next trip away. However, due to the amount of traveling you do, accidents can happen, but you can rest assured that there will be a dedicated truck accident lawyer on hand to offer the best advice. Long distance truck driving can be very lucrative in terms of pay, due to the amount of driving you do and the time away.

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A career on the oil rigs

If driving isn’t your thing but the staying away isn’t a big deal, then working on the oil rigs really could be a great step in a different direction in terms of careers. There are oil rigs dotted all over the world, and the type of role you play on them would depend on the skills you have or what you might want to consider training in. It will require you to stay there for set periods of time, and then have a certain amount of time off afterwards. It can certainly be a high paying job due to the high level involved and also the danger element in terms of safety out at sea.


Of course, there are other opportunities you could consider. Working on the road in sales, traveling to different countries because you have the benefit of knowing different languages, the options are endless, you just need to look into what is available for you in terms of your skills and what you want from a career.