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The month of June is the 6th month in the Gregorian calendar having 30 days. It is named after Juno, the goddess of youth. It is a summer month in the northern hemisphere, whereas a winter month southern hemisphere.  It is a special month for many people. It can be for a variety of reasons, from birthdays to anniversaries to important life events. Plus, it is also the month that gives the official start of the summer.

But summer is not the only reason to celebrate this month. Has a number of unusual food days, special significance in environment conservation, and many important days. Even there are many historic reasons to celebrate this month. So dive into this article to know about the wonderful month.

History of the Month of June

In the ancient Roman calendar, this month was called “mens iunius” and lasted 29 days. The Roman year began in March, and Iunius was the fourth month. In the year 154 BCE, a rebellion forced the Roman Senate to change the start of the public year from March to January 1. With these changes, it officially became the sixth month in the year 153 BCE.

In the year 46 BCE, Julius Caesar introduced a new calendar system—the Julian calendar. He added ten days to the year and introduced the leap day. In the new Julian calendar, it was extended to 30 days.

Fun Facts

Read some mind-blowing facts about the month given below to enhance your knowledge:

The June Solstice

The Summer Solstice that falls between 20-22 June(21.06.2022) is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the first day of astronomical summer. Whereas, in the Southern Hemisphere, the June solstice is the first day of astronomical winter since it is the shortest day of the year there.

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Strawberry Supermoon

The Full Moon in this month is called the Strawberry Full Moon. This is after the fruits that grow in the Northern Hemisphere around this time of the year. The strawberry full moon will show On 14.06.2022.

strawberry full moon


Midsummer refers to the middle of summer. The celebrations occur in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland (the Nordic countries), and Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania (the Baltic countries). Midsummer observations occur either on the summer solstice or St John’s Day on June 24.  St John is said to “prepare the way for Christ,” because the sunlight decreases after Midsummer and increases after Christmas.

Birthstone and Birth Flowers

The birthstones are pearlalexandrite, and moonstone. All of them represent health and longevity.

The birth flowers are the rose (Rosa) and the honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium).

Zodiac Signs

Gemini (Twins): 21.05- 21.06

Cancer (Crab): 22.06-22.07

Important Days and Celebrations

Do you know that June is Environment Month?

  • This month includes four important days for environment conservation. Therefore June provides us a chance to reflect on the problems affecting the planet.

world environment day

  • June 5 is World Environment Day
  • World Oceans Day is June 8
  • June 17 is World Day to Combat Desertification,
  • and June 29 is International Day of the Tropics. Each of these dates is a; such reflection is essential to our continued survival.

June 19, Juneteenth

  • Emancipation Day or Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States on June 19. On 19.06.1865, all remaining slaves in Texas were freed by Union soldiers. The day celebrates freedom and equal rights.
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June 21, International Yoga Day

  • International Yoga Day celebrations occur every year on 21st June every year across the globe. This day raises awareness about yoga and how it can help one lead a healthy life. international yoga day


Father’s Day 

  • Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of of this month (19.06.2022).

Pride month

  • As the calendar turns to June, LGBTQIA+ communities and their allies across the world mark Pride Month.

 pride month

Unusual food days 

  • A variety of food days occur in this month as you can see in the food calendar given below:

june food calendar

Quotes and Images

  • “Hello, June to everyone.”
  • Please be a good month and bring smiles and happiness to my family and friends.”

bye may hello june

  • Wishing everyone a blessed month of June. All the Best!!!”

june wishes

  • “Joy is in the air.”
  • Welcome Spring! Bring more happiness and peace in our lives.”

welcome june

  • “Hello! May the month ahead bring you love, happiness, and sunshine.”
  • “Happy June! May this month be filled with sunny days, laughter, and lots of love.”

hello june

  • “New month, a new beginning, new mindset, new focus, new start, new intentions, new results.

goodbye may

  • “Hello, make my dreams come true.”
  • “Hello! Be a month of joy and renewal.”
    goodbye may hello june

Dailyroabox wishes you a blissful month of June. Happy June!

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