Have You Been Sold a Faulty Used Car?

Consumer rights are important in today’s legal landscape. It’s what keeps buyers protected and prevents fraudsters from running businesses that prey on people who don’t have a clue about the legal protection they have. If you think that something is going wrong with your purchases, then you’ll typically take your product back to have it refunded or returned. However, with a vehicle, there are some extra problems that you need to consider and it’s not as easy as replacing a toaster or chair.

You need to understand your rights especially if you buy a second-hand vehicle from a used car dealership. Regardless of what the problem is, it’s important that you try your best to practice your rights and protect yourself from being a victim of fraud or unethical dealerships.

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Understand what help is available


One of the most common laws that will protect you is the lemon law. It provides a way for people just like yourself to seek compensation for goods that repeatedly fall under the standards you expect. For instance, if you bought a used car and it’s constantly breaking down despite the numerous repairs that the dealership is putting you through, then firms like Neale & Fhima, LLP can help you seek the right compensation. If you’ve been to the dealership several times and they act dumb or pretend they don’t know what the problem is, then it’s time to take legal action.


It seems daunting at first, but it’s important as a vulnerable consumer to fight back against those companies and businesses that seek to make a profit off our lack of understanding. It’s a terrible practice that absolutely needs to be banished or we should at least deter people from ever trying it. That’s why protection such as the lemon law exists; to prevent you from being lied to and made a fool of by knowledgeable businesses.

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Inspecting the vehicle first

However, one of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting into this situation in the first place is to actually just inspect the vehicle properly. But before that, make sure you’ve set a list of criteria for the used car you plan to purchase. Does it have all the latest car technology that you want? Is it in the right colour? Is it a model from a recent year that has low emissions? These are the types of things you need to ask yourself before you put money down for a vehicle. Once you’ve built a list of criteria, here are some ways to inspect the vehicle itself.


First, check the car is level on the ground. This is so you can test the tires and ensure that they have been well-maintained while sitting in the dealership. If the car leans to one side or is slightly imbalanced, then there might be a problem with the tires. Next, make sure you carefully inspect the exterior of the vehicle. If you want it to look clean and in good condition, then run your finger along the paintwork and panels and inspect it up close.


Make sure to check inside of the car as well. Look at the trunk to ensure that there is no sign of rust, mould or cracking. How much wear and tear is present on the inside of the car trunk usually indicates how well-used the car was in the past and for what purposes. If possible, try and get underneath the car to check the exhaust system and look for any signs of rust. Ensure you check the entire frame of the vehicle to make sure there are no underlying issues or problems with it. You should never purchase a vehicle with a damaged frame because it’s a sign that the car has been in a crash and could have underlying issues.

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Some final words

While there is a fantastic law for helping you deal with fraudulent dealerships, it can only go so far and you’ll have to rely on your personal knowledge in order to get a good vehicle. Vehicle faults sometimes might not even appear until you’ve purchased something, and if you have a lack of knowledge, then it makes it that much harder to tell if the car you’re buying is a bargain or a disaster waiting to happen.

In short, make sure you do plenty of research and look into what to inspect on a used car before buying it. In addition, make sure you understand your rights and consider hiring a lawyer if you have been sold a faulty car that the dealership “can’t help you with”.

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