How Law Firms Can Thrive During These Tricky Times

The Coronavirus pandemic has already had a significant impact on thousands of law firms across the globe. Only a few industries have been immune to the collateral impact of the Covid-19. Law firms are facing such challenges while continuing to take practical steps to help put their team back on track. So, what does this mean for short and long-term growth? Here’s how law firms can thrive during these tricky times. 

Reassess And Rebudget Your Marketing Strategy

Covid-19 has made us all rethink how we do business. Think strategically about how to improve your law firm’s position in funds. Manage collections, and consider offering a discount for those who pay within 30 days. To help your law firm thrive, make sure that your PR and marketing efforts are responsive to the changing requirements. Perhaps you may need to prioritize one target audience or adopt a more dedicated focus on media pitching to drive results. Your company should be able to assess the current metrics and make thoughtful decisions about where to cut and save. 

Build Up Your Website

When searching for “lawyers in my city,” does your law firm appear on the first page? If not, what do you need to do so that your company site appears? Take advantage of using the right SEO techniques, as it will help improve your organic search engine rankings. Working on SEO for lawyers means analyzing the existing online footprint, making your company stand out from competitors, and maintaining a successful strategy that will improve visibility and result in more leads. 

Make Special Effort To Communicate Effectively 

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We’ve all seen the generic emails and social media ads from a variety of companies that are not tempered to the current environment. There is a critical balance to strike in how you market in terms of content and communication. Whether it is a website announcement or an email, it is important to attune to the current events. Schedule daily or weekly meetings to check in with your clients and team. Having a routine touchpoint will help keep your clients and the firm itself connected. The key is to be a valuable resource and partner with your clients and address their concerns. 

Without a doubt, these are challenging times, and we don’t know when things will come back to normal. But the faster we adapt, the better position we will be in the long run.