How To Improve Working Relationships In Your Business

Positive relationships in the workplace are imperative to a successful business. When building and maintaining positive relationships, you’ll notice an overall boost in productivity, higher morale in staff, and less spiteful words being passed around in the workplace environment. Communication is key in any business, so building trusting and friendly relationships will not only make it a nicer environment, but also help your business thrive. Today we’re going to talk about how you can improve working relationships in your business.

Take time to know each individual

It’s only natural to get on with some people better than others, but this can divide your workplace if you’re not careful. Take the time to get to know each individual to avoid anyone feeling like they have been singled out for any reason. An employee who feels their boss is interested in them as a person rather than just an employee is likely to work harder and more passionately. You may choose to do this in passing over time, or you may want to schedule one on one time with each of your employees to get to know them better.

Build up relationships with people outside of your office

While it’s important to build up relationships with those you see every day, it’s also worth thinking about other working relationships such as your suppliers or your shipping company. Taking the time to build up a friendly but professional working relationship will help oversee the smooth running of parts of your business you have less control over. You might have to regularly send money to India from Australia and need someone to confirm receipt of payment, or you might ship in parts from South America and need a contact to ensure everything runs smoothly. Whatever your external working relationships are, you should take the time to make them stronger to avoid losses in your business.

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Be compassionate

Problems at home should always be left outside of the workplace, but sometimes, this simply doesn’t happen. This might be due to devastating news or even mental health problems, and it’s important that as the superior, you’re compassionate. Giving your employees the time to sort their personal problems rather than asking them to get on with work will allow them to return to work with a fresh mind, lots of gratitude, and a willingness to work even harder. Working relationships are a quid pro quo situation, and showing compassion when it’s needed the most will come back to you in a positive way.

Do trust and team building exercises

It might sound a little cliche, but asking your staff to take part in trust and team building exercises regularly will help your employees learn to work as a unit, and back each other up with their workloads. This might be a fun activity within your office, or you may choose to take your team out somewhere to have some fun and learn more about each other. While you may know everyone pretty well, there’s a chance that some people may not be in the workplace “clique”, and trust building exercises are the perfect way to change that.

Say thank you!

One of the best and most important things you could do for your employees is show your gratitude for all of their hard work. You could simply thank them on a regular basis, or you might choose to show your gratitude by treating your staff to something such as a meal out, a bottle of nice wine, or even talking about how proud you are of your team on social media. A thank you goes a long way, and it doesn’t cost anything!

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Share credit

Much like showing gratitude, sharing credit is another important factor in improving your working relationships. While your business may be solely yours, your employees have worked to help build it to where it is today. Their individual responsibilities may not seem like much, but each and every one of them is a cog in the machine that is your business! Share credit for your success with your employees, and if they come up with a good idea – credit them individually too! It’s a fool proof way of building trust with your peers.

Finally, building up lasting and trustful working relationships isn’t always as easy as it seems. Every workplace will have those moments where people don’t get on – we’re only human! Take the time to put in place a method of resolving disputes, put these tips into practise, and you’ll notice that over time your working relationships are growing stronger by the day.