How to Make Your Office Space Motivating

Image sourced from Pixabay. CC0 License

As we work throughout the day, we need to pull our motivation and inspiration from somewhere. A lot of the time, it comes from deep within us as we perform our day to day work duties, but other times, it seems to elude us. The space in which we work and our teammates work can be transformed to be motivating and inspiring. Here is how. 


Let There Be Light

Light and having a sense of time can be a motivating factor for workers. When workers are located in dark offices or board rooms, they tend to be less productive and not as joyous as when there are windows for them to look out for ideas or light to make them feel more happy. To ensure your workers are always in the light and feeling free to create, make sure your windows are clean.

Window cleaning companies like Labor Panes make your windows sparkle. When you hire Labor Panes or other exterior cleaning companies, you will give your team the clear vision, literally and metaphorically, they need to be inspired. 


Choose the Right Color

Certain colors make for an inspiring environment. Each color creates a certain kind of reaction in a person as each color in the color wheel invigorates a different part of the psyche. The colors breakdown as follows:

  • Red – action, motivation, and power
  • Orange – energy and optimism
  • Yellow – happiness, positivity, and intellect 
  • Green – harmony, growth, and health
  • Blue – trust and loyalty
  • Purple – imagination
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Depending on what kind of work you are doing and what train of thought you would like your office to follow will help you choose which color or colors to put in your office. These colors can be introduced through furniture, artwork, the colors of the walls, or through uniforms or decorations. 

The effects of colors on the human brain are monumental and should not be overlooked when trying to create a motivating office. Hire a reputable office painter or decorator to help you transform your space.

Create a Quiet Room

A lot of stimuli can really throw someone off. A co-worker talking on the phone with a client or music played throughout the office can really be distracting. A lot of times, when collaborating with other people you need time to yourself to think a thought or idea through to conclusion. To make this easier for your team, create a quiet space where workers can go to think and organize their mind. 

A quiet space should be void of light, soothing, and absolutely quiet. This way a person can feel free and unencumbered to find the solutions necessary to produce the best results. 

Communicate Openly

If a team member feels the doors are all closed to communication, a lot of great ideas can never come to fruition. When there is an open communication policy, ideas can be thought out and talked about helping to build them and mold them. Team members get more motivated when they get feedback and direction on where to go next.