How To Write Business Case With Samples And Templates

Business case contains details about the project and is used to communicate the benefits of the business to the client or company. All the details about the cost, benefits and potential risks of the business are mentioned in it.

It is developed in the initial stages of a project and it generally accompanies the project proposal. It helps the client to see if the project is worth their money, time and resources. 

Components of a business case

Any business case must have 4 sections:

  1. Executive summary

It is the first section of the business case. It basically tells the gist of the entire Business case. This section concisely communicates the vital information and the story to the reader.

  1. Finance

The basic role of this section is to approve funding. It is used to communicate the financial implications of the project. It ensures the client that the project is affordable and predicts the flow of cash.

  1. Project definition

It is the most important part of the business case. It answers all the why, what and how questions about your project. This section must include the problem statement and objective along with strategy. This section includes benefits and limitations as well. The outline of your entire project, which includes the project approach, what resources will be required and how much time will be required, is basically added in this section. 

  1. Project Organization

How the project is setup is described in this section. It shows the structure of the project and the different levels of decision making. 

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How to Write Business Case:

The main purpose of Business Case is to communicate with clients and to help in decision making. These are the things that should be kept in mind while writing it.

  • It should be concise and should contain all the relevant details.
  • It should be very clear and interesting.
  • Make sure it tells how the client will benefit from the project.
  • Describe the problem statement and your vision of the future.


Business case template
Business case template


Business case sample


The purpose of the business case is to provide a means to continually assess the project and its progress. Although the project sponsor is responsible for making a it, all the team members should put in their thoughts and ideas into it and contribute to its development, so that it can convey the idea in the best way possible.