International Artist Day 2021: Theme, History, Why we Celebrate, Quotes

International Artist Day 2021 will be celebrated on October 25.  Art as a creative expression encapsulates countless aspects. It depicts life’s beauty or a terrible truth. Further it tells about history, revolutions, rebellions, and is sometimes a way of escape. Briefly, without art there is no history or civilization. This day honors all types of art – painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, music, and more. Also this festival shows our admiration for all artists’ enthusiasm and talent.


Chris MacClure, a Canadian artist specializing in ‘Romantic Realism,’ was formed by the International Artist Day. His works were a means to make him one of Canada’s most prominent painters and to give him a “Romantic Realistic” vision of life. Thus he made this day to make the world of art acknowledged, and to honor all the ways artists have a particular vision of life.


IAA/USA (International Artist Association/USA) decided the theme of International Artist Day 2021 to be, “You’re Not Alone”. A unique virtual exhibition on ‘You’re Not Alone’ will be held in celebration. The city of Los Angeles will host International Artist Day celebrations in the United States for the sixth straight year on a virtual basis. The art will be honored this year by linking other artists on Facebook and Instagram, as indicated on the official IAA/US website, by providing exceptional means of displaying and promoting the arts.

International Artist Day 2021 Celebration:

To begin with, the greatest method for the International Artist Day to be celebrated is by helping your local artists, most community groups have a local community of art, which embraces both the community in which they reside and the individuality of this artist. You’ll have to discover a unique item that will offer life and personality to your home if you’ve been seeking for anything to fill your living room or bedroom.

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World Art day

Also this day can be celebrated by museums and art galleries, and many provide courses in creative arts. So visit your artistic facilities locally. IAD is a fantastic opportunity to honor the artists that already exist in us all.

Last but not the least, the International Painters’ Day may be celebrated by taking the opportunity to learn more about the most prominent artists. This includes Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, among others. Many of these artists have intriguing background stories, and the wonderful works that they make online may be seen. Furthermore you can spend time learning about artists not so well-known.

International Artist Day Activities:

Purchase an art piece

Dress a wall on a particular day and hence promote a local artist.

Paints and wines

Take a class in painting and make pals who consume wine. The outcome can probably be framed!

Visit an art museum

To spend a few hours at the Art Museum you don’t have to be an art enthusiast or critical. Let the art speak to you, pay a visit.

International Artist Day Quotes:

International art day

  • An artist has his own perception of looking at things that defines him through his world. 
  • The occasion of International Artist Day reminds all of us that the world is so incomplete and colorless without artists like you.
  • Don’t let this art you have been blessed with fade ever because that is what makes you really special. 
  • Not everyone is known by the work they do and you are truly lucky to be known by your art.
  • Be the artist who is always free to express himself with his art and not an artist who creates what others decide. 
  • The occasion of International Artist Day reminds us all that being an artist is not easy. We are really proud of you. Wishing you lots of look with your work.
  • An artist is a perfection, a person who can see beyond the regular eyes. Congratulations on being one such person. Happy International Artist Day.
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