Home ireland Over 30 complaints received by homeless executive in first quarter of 2023

Over 30 complaints received by homeless executive in first quarter of 2023

Over 30 complaints received by homeless executive in first quarter of 2023

New figures show people accessing homeless accommodation made 32 complaints in the first three months of this year, mostly concerning the alleged behaviour of staff or the conditions of where they were staying.

The figures were published by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE), the first such quarterly report, and found that in six cases the complaints related to anti-social behaviour by other residents.

In contrast, 18 complaints related to staff and another seven related to conditions at the emergency accommodation facility in question. One complaint related to the Central Placement Service (CPS).

Of those who lodged the complaints, nine were made by families and five were made by couples, with the majority lodged by single people in emergency accommodation.

Six complaints were still under investigation and most were either responded to or, in a smaller number of cases, had already been closed.

In publishing the data the DRHE said it “proactively encourages anyone accessing emergency accommodation that wishes to make a complaint to do so”.

“This log also does not include complaints received by NGO service providers, who may receive and resolve complaints locally before an individual decides to make a formal complaint to the DRHE.”

A spokesperson for Dublin City Council said: “‘The number of complaints received by the DRHE Complaints Officer in Q1 2023 is consistent with the amount received in previous years.

“Each complaint is investigated fully and dealt with on a case by case basis, to achieve the best possible outcome for all involved. This may involve providing alternative accommodation in some instances.”

The number of people in emergency accommodation has risen to record levels over the past year. As far back as last October it emerged most emergency homeless accommodation was either full or under major pressure.

Data also shows that last year the Child and Family Agency received 129 mandated reports from homeless provision or emergency accommodation facility managers over concerns of child neglect or some form of abuse — down slightly compared to the total received from the same source in 2021.