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Teen girl bit garda in station as she was about to be released

A teenage girl who spat on two gardaí before biting a third female officer at Garda station in Dublin has been remanded on bail pending sentence.

The girl, 17, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm to the officer at Blanchardstown station on a date in May.

The Dublin Children’s Court heard she also admitted being intoxicated to the extent she was a danger to herself and others, breach of the peace, and two less severe assaults on two male gardai on the same date.

The teen, who has no prior criminal convictions, had her case adjourned to have a probation report ready for her sentencing next month.

Judge Paul Kelly heard she was carried out of a pub by family members and began abusing gardaí.

The court heard the teen spat at the two male gardaí before being taken to the station and bit the female officer’s right calf just as she was about to be released to her mother.

The injured garda told the court the teen “latched onto my right leg, breaking the skin”. The garda received medical attention, but the wound got infected, and she was out of work for four weeks.

Judge Kelly noted she also needed blood tests and a tetanus injection.

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