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What the papers say: Friday’s front pages

What the papers say: Friday’s front pages

An EPA report warning Ireland is failing to meet climate targets, and lifting of the ban on private nursing homes becoming refugee centres are among the stories on Friday’s front pages.

The EPA report makes the front pages of The Irish Times and Irish Examiner.

The Government is lifting the ban on private nursing homes becoming refugee centres, according to the Irish Independent.

The Echo leads with a story on Cork City’s attempts to revive plans for a new training centre.

The Irish Daily Star leads with a story on a taxi driver in Northern Ireland who pulled a gun on a passenger.

The Irish Sun leads with an interview with Phillip Schofield.

The Herald leads with a story on a woman who tried to swallow her engagement ring to stop the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) seizing it.

If a planned strike by local authorities goes ahead, there is a high risk of a water shortage, the Irish Daily Mail reports. A story on Phillip Schofield’s wife Stephanie Lowe, who is ‘furious’ about his lies over an affair, also makes the front page.

In the North, the Belfast Telegraph also leads with the taxi driver who threatened a passenger with a gun.

Border posts are being built at Northern Ireland ports to facilitate the Windsor Framework, according to The Irish News.

The battle between UK ministers and the Covid inquiry over Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages dominates the front pages across the UK on Friday.

The Daily Mail says MPs will “go to war with judge” over Boris Johnson’s WhatsApp messages, while the Financial Times reports the UK government will seek a legal block on the messages.

The Times and the i also reported on the legal battle between the British Cabinet Office and the Covid inquiry.

The Metro and The Guardian run the same story on their front pages.

The Sun leads with an exclusive interview with Phillip Schofield, who said he is “not a groomer”.

The Daily Mirror captures Holly Willoughby on holiday with her friends, telling the paper she is happy to help with the Phillip Schofield inquiry.

The Daily Telegraph reports on the beach tragedy in Bournemouth where a pleasure boat has been impounded by police after two children died.

The Daily Express says house prices have had their biggest drop in 14 years with “storm clouds gathering” for the property market.

And the Daily Star urges readers to help save their local fish and chip shops by buying extra portions.