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What the papers say: Tuesday’s front pages

What the papers say: Tuesday’s front pages

The fine of €1.2 billion imposed on Meta, concern over the far right growing in Ireland and further blockades at asylum seeker centres are the main headlines across today’s front pages.

The Irish Times leads with the claims the Irish data watchdog disagreed with the €1.2 billion fine on Meta, while the Garda commissioner Drew Harris claims the far right aren’t growing in Ireland.

The Irish Examiner leads with Cork University Hospital staff told not to engage with meetings with PwC advisers as their union objects to their active role in the hospital.

The Echo leads with concerns for residents in Blackrock over a new bus routs as they plead with the National Transport Agency to listen to their concerns.

The Irish Daily Mirror leads with new searches in Portugal for Madeline McCann, who has been missing since 2007.

The Irish Daily Mail reports that new blockades have been set up across centres for asylum seekers across the country, after an elderly man was allegedly assaulted at Corofin in Clare yesterday.

The Irish Daily Star leads with comments from the family of Jasmine McMonagle, after her killer was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

British papers

Fresh developments in the search for Madeleine McCann dominates the front pages of several newspapers on Tuesday.

The Daily Express says police in Portugal are returning to a remote reservoir described as “my little paradise” by suspect Christian Brueckner.

The same story is on the front of The Sun, which describes the “Riddle of the Lake”, and the Daily Mirror which calls the development a “bombshell” in the search for Madeleine who went missing in 2007, aged three.

The Daily Star follows suit with the headline “Maddie cops dig at reservoir” while the Metro simply says “New hunt for Maddie”.

Suella Braverman features on the front of the i which says she has been left “waiting on her future” as British prime minister Rishi Sunak delays his decision on whether to launch an ethics inquiry into her actions after being caught speeding.

The Guardian says the most senior civil servant at the Home Office was “aware” of the allegations against the Home Secretary, but leads on thousands of reports by hospital staff alleging physical, verbal and sexual assault by patients.

London is being “left behind” by rival cities as a financial centre, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Mail focuses on accusations that the head of the equalities watchdog was under pressure due to her stance on trans issues.

New homes are the focus of The Times, which says Natural England’s rules have prevented 160,000 properties from being built.

And the Financial Times leads on Facebook’s owner Meta being handed a record 1.2 billion euro (£1.04 billion) fine over transatlantic data transfers.