Karwa Chauth: When is it, History, Significance and Why is it Celebrated

Hindu married women celebrate the festival of Karwa Chauth every year with great enthusiasm and fervor. On this day, women keep a ‘nirjala’ fast, which means fasting in which they do not consume water from sunrise till moonrise. Karwa Chauth is a symbol of love and respect and signifies the bond shared by a man with his wife.

Women fast on this day to pray for the safe and long life of their husbands. Moreover, these days many husbands too observe the fast along with their wives for a similar reason.

Karwa Chauth Date 2021

The word “Karva” means an earthen pot of water and the word Chauth means fourth. Thus, according to the Hindu calendar, Karwa Chauth is celebrated on the fourth day after Purnima in the month of Kartik. This year it falls on October 24.

 karva chauth ki puja

Story and history of Karva Chauth

There are various stories and legends behind celebrating this festival. The most popular is the story of queen Veervati who was the only sister of seven loving brothers. She spent her first Karva Chauth as a married woman in her parents’ house. So, she began to fast after sunrise but in the evening, she longed for the moon to rise. She could no longer tolerate thirst and hunger.

Her brothers were sad to see their beloved sister suffering from thirst and hunger at Karwa Chauth’s fast. They begged her to break the fast but she refused. Seeing her in distress, they tricked her into placing a round mirror on the Pipal tree, which made it look as if the moon had risen. Then with the false moon, they convinced her that moon has risen. Thus, Veervati fell into the traps of his brothers and broke her fast. The moment she sat down to eat, a word came that her husband, the king, was dead.

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karwa chauth katha

Veeravati cried all night until her will and pain forced the goddess to appear. After that Veeravati explained to the goddess the reason for her pain. Veerwati told her how her brothers deceived her. The goddess ordered Veeravati to repeat this Karva Chauth as soon as possible with devotion. Following the goddess’ advice, Veervati fasted again. After that Yama (god of death) was forced to bring back her husband.

Karwa Chauth Celebrations

The festival of Karwa Chauth begins with a small early morning prayer. After that women consume “Sargi” – a food platter containing dry fruits, parathas, curry, and coconut water. Women eat Sargi after their bath because it is believed to be a healthy meal that keeps them energetic and allows them to stay without food or water for the entire day.

Married women dress up beautifully in new clothes (mostly red which signifies a happy married life) and apply Mehendi on their hands as a part of the festivities.

karwa chauth ki puja

Women observing this fast get together on this day and celebrate it by narrating the folk tales, reading Karwa Chauth Vrat Katha, and singing folk songs– all of which make it a lively and vibrant festival.

karva chauth vrat katha

Women also worship Goddess Parvati in the Karwa Chauth puja followed by Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, and Lord Kartikeya. Because according to other tales when Veerwati was weeping for her dead husband, Maa Parvati cut off her own finger and gave Veervati a few drops of her own holy blood.

Then, she instructed Veervati to be careful during her next fasts. Veervati sprinkled the holy blood on the dead body of her husband. After that, her husband miraculously came back to life. In this way, Veervati was reunited with her husband due to her immense love, sacrifice, and devotion.

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karva chauth vrat katha

Then the women break their fast after having a glimpse of the moon and praying for their husband’s longevity. The women try to see the moon through a sieve and then look at their husbands through the same sieve. It is also believed that when a wife looks at her husband through a sieve, all negative emotions are filtered through it.

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Significance of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a very important day in the lives of Hindu women. Decorated markets, where women enjoy their shopping spree are the main highlights of Karwa Chauth. This festival brings peace, happiness, and joy into their married life. It is a celebration of love, marriage, and the beautiful bond shared between a husband and wife.

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In recent times, a lot of men have also started observing fasts for their wives. This has made the festival even more special as it signifies love, compassion, and understanding. So you would like to read: 7 Amazing Ways To Make Karva Chauth Special For Your Wife

Dailyroabox wishes all the married couples A Very Happy Karwa Chauth.

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