Keep Rollin’ with Simple Motorbike Maintenance

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Just because you don’t have the knowledge and skills of a MotoGP technician, it doesn’t mean that you can’t perform simple repair and maintenance work to your bike. In this article, we will be outlining some of the basics involved in motorbike maintenance so that you can complete some jobs effectively yourself. So, let’s dive right in.



Checking your bike’s tyre pressures is a job that should be done on a weekly basis, but it is something that a lot of people overlook. If the tyres aren’t properly inflated, this can easily lead to impaired handling and braking. Consult with your manual to find out what the pressures should be. A quality tyre pressure gauge can be very useful in giving you an accurate reading. While you are checking the tyres, it is also worth looking closer at overall condition and tread depth.


Chain Tension

If you notice that your gear shifts are starting to get a little rough, you may find that the chain tension is incorrect. Your workshop manual should give you more on how to set your bike to the correct tension – this will give an indication of the correct torque settings for each bolt. Set the tension with someone on the bike as the chain will tighten up when someone is on it. Lubricate the chain while you are there to prolong its life.



Checking your bike’s coolant levels is another overlooked task, but it is one that can be completed in a matter of minutes. High and low levels should be marked clearly on the outside of the tank. Making sure that the engine is stone cold, locate the drain plug. Remove it to drain the coolant, consulting with the owner’s manual to ensure that you are following the right procedures. New coolant can be made using a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and deionised water.

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Oil and Filter Change

Changing the oil and filter of a bike should be similar to refreshing the coolant system. You need tools, decent oil and the right filer – check solo moto for some different options. Again, go back to your manual or ask someone more experienced to help you out if this is your first time. Once the engine is warm, you need to remove the oil filter cap, place a tray underneath and remove the sump pump. Remove the filter once the oil is drained. Replace the sump pump and then spin on a new filter. Now is the time to refill the engine with the recommended amount of new oil. Start up the engine and check for leaks. Leave a few minutes for the oil to drain into the sump before checking the level again.


These are just four of the tasks that you can undertake to ensure that your motorbike continues running properly and stays in good working order. Proper maintenance is something that should be done on a regular basis to ensure it is most effective.