Keeping Kids On Their Bikes This Summer

If you have a young family; they’ve probably already been enjoying the weather and the great outdoors this summer. Cycling is a great way for kids to get some exercise and it will tire them out before bed ime; making it a popular choice for many families. However, if your little ones are old enough to cycle out on your street; they could be at risk of injury, and riding a bike has more associated hazards attached to it than a lot of other activities and sports. There’s no reason your kids shouldn’t get outside and enjoy the sun on their bike; just make sure that you’re doing all you can to protect their safety and are aware of the precautions you should take.

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Get them All The Gear

Your kids might want to resist wearing any safety gear when they’re out cycling with their friends; however, it’s crucial that they’re protected when they’re playing sport or out on their bike. Invest in a quality cycling helmet for your little one, along with knee and elbow pads. They will fall off more than once during their cycling activities, and you can’t change that. However, you can ensure that when they hit the ground, that grazes and scrapes are kept to a minimum, and their head is kept as safe as possible. Instill the risks and dangers of not wearing their safety gear, so that they’re cautious and understand why they must put it on every time they jump on their bike.


Ensure They’re Aware Of Road Safety

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It’s worth looking into the main causes of car accidents and figuring out how to explain how dangerous the roads can be to your child. If a kid has a clear understanding of how to be vigilant and aware of motorists; they’re less likely to be distracted or to cycle where they shouldn’t be. Make sure that main roads and busy streets are out of bounds, and make it clear that there will be consequences if they disobey you. You need to be firm with road safety and car awareness; it’s not worth the risk and the dangerous accidents that could occur with a relaxed approach.


Keep An Eye On Them And Have Regular Contact

Kids love to go on adventures; and you run the risk of your child cycling too far, so you can’t see them or contact them with ease. Therefore, it’s worth creating a safety checking-in system, and asking your child to either come back and see you in person at regular intervals or call you to let you know their exact location. If they’re out cycling with friends; contact the other children’s parents as soon as possible so you all know where your little ones are and where they might be heading. It’s best to keep them within plain sight; keep them within a certain parameter of your street, on your driveway, in in your backyard. As long as they’re outside enjoying the sun, fresh air, and their bike; they’re bound to be having a great time, and you’ll have complete peace of mind.

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