Keeping Your Company Well Connected

Being a well connected company means you take the time to keep your people in the know. You make sure they’re the top of your priority list, and you always try to stay on track with where they are and what they’re doing. All in all, you’re a responsible boss, who knows the best work only arise from a well informed and motivated team. 

And so, to help you to make a connection like this, and to keep it strong and steady, here’s a few ways to be that responsible manager. Make sure your company is well connected, and never alienated from one another, and you’ll have a flourishing business in no time!

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Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Email Server

Emails are the most common way to stay in touch with a professional connection, and they outrank video calls and conferencing chats by the million. Everyone has an email address, after all, and not everyone has a webcam or a microphone they have constant access to. If you want to stay in touch, reliably and on time every time, you need to focus on someone’s inbox!

Which is why it’s key to set up a proper email server for your business to use. If you make sure your employees all have a professional email to be contacted at, you’re never going to lose touch with them, and you can make sure the right content is going in and out of their inboxes. Professional email for businesses is not as hard to set up as you might think either! 

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Always Post Updates For All to See

If there’s something going on within the company, regarding management or terms of employment, or there’s an external matter people need to be aware of, post these updates in a place all can see them. Once again, you could use their emails for this, but you could also set up a message board in the staff room. Whenever someone takes a break for the first time that day, they’re going to come face to face with whatever it is you need them to know. 

Not to mention the amount of gossiping that can happen in here – the news you need to spread will most likely go around like wildfire! 

Be Sure to Listen

If you’re trying to be a responsible leader, you need to listen, as often as you can. Find the time to sit down with your staff, and make sure they feel safe enough in their jobs to tell you about anything that’s bothering them, both in and outside of work. 

If you want to always be in the loop, you need to come across as someone who deserves to be in the loop! Stay personable and friendly – it’s one of the best ways to keep the chain of command in line as well. 

If you’re out to keep your company well connected, and you know you’ve dropped the ball on this connection recently, ensure you put tips like these to use.