Learning To Drive Again… Although You Passed Your Test Years Ago



It seems to be more commonplace now than ever before, people are passing their driving test, but don’t go straight on the road. It’s a life change that forces them back in the driver’s seat, whether it’s a new job, or the practicalities of life demands that someone gets back behind the wheel. But while most people spend their first year after passing their test learning properly, those people that passed their test a long time ago have a unique battle on their hands. So, if this is you, or you’ve got someone nearby going through this, what advice can be offered?


Pick The Easiest Car To Drive

Getting back on the road is stressful regardless of your personal circumstances, but when you haven’t driven a car in so long, it can take awhile to get used to the mechanics again. Therefore, it would be much better for you to get a car that is easy to drive. This usually means you can get something a bit smaller, like a hatchback, but don’t rule out getting an automatic. This takes the stress out of the pedal aspects, and will minimize stressful stalling. The size is always something to think about, you can get a used Ford KA car for a good price, and it’s an easy to handle vehicle, but it’s not too big. So, you can feel a bit more in control of the car. This is one of the biggest nightmares anybody has to go through when they get back behind the wheel, that idea of not feeling in control of the car.

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Baby Steps

Baby steps means something different to everyone, and depending on the person getting behind the wheel, this could mean driving for a little bit each and every day, or it could be just going for it, and getting out there and learning by their mistakes. The big problem with the latter is that if they end up in an accident, it can set them back for life. Some people opt to go for refresher lessons, but some people decide to do a little bit very regularly. By doing this, you can go around your immediate neighbourhood, and then choose to go a little bit further out each and every time, getting used to all of the roads.


Minimizing Stressful Situations

As anybody will attest, driving with family members in the back is something that can easily take your attention off the road! So, it’s a good idea to minimize the things you can control. To begin with, go out on your own, or with someone that is a calming influence, so you can get your confidence back. If you have someone with you, it’s a good idea to ask for feedback, but only if you are prepared to handle honest criticism!


Learning to drive again is, arguably, more stressful than learning to drive first time round. But if you can make it easy for yourself by picking a car that is easy to drive, as well as gradually building up, and keep those stressors to a minimum at the beginning, this will build up anybody’s confidence in no time.

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