New to Driving? Read This!



If you’ve just decided to get yourself on the road to driving, you might still be a bit nervous. Here’s some information you need to keep in mind along your path. Good luck!


Choosing the right driving instructor is crucial

First off: driving instructors must be registered with the relevant state authority, or they can’t legally teach you the ropes. Let’s say someone is offering a paid service conducive to getting a driving license. You then find they’re not actually qualified or licensed to teach your how to drive. This means they’re offering you driving instruction illegally!

A trainee is sometimes referred to as a potential driving instructor. They satisfy basic criteria and have had a criminal record check. They’ve been awarded a trainee licence. This will be a pink permit or badge which should be displayed in their vehicle’s window.

Driving Instructors Reservoir VIC



Although a trainee instructor is not yet fully qualified, they are permitted to teach at a franchised driving school. Your lessons with a trainee still count. A driving school is obliged to tell you if your instructor has trainee status. Lessons with a trainee should be cheaper than with a fully qualified instructor.


Once three qualifying exams have been completed, the instructor receives a full licence and ‘green badge’. This green badge will be on display in their car window. A fully-qualified instructor can work at smaller, independent schools. They can also be self-employed.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help


You probably know a large number of people who already drive. Everyone’s experience with driving is different, so it’s good to get several opinions. If you’ve had an accident, you should look to experts for help with your accident claim. For simpler matters, it might be better to ask people in your age group. While the basics are largely the same, there are a lot of intricacies and subtle differences to modern driving education. Your parents might not be so familiar with them.

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Even after you have your license and your car, you may still need help. There are loads of online resources such that give good advice to drivers of any age.



Don’t expect your first car to be a Lamborghini

Congratulations, you passed your driving test! But don’t expect to be driving anything you’ve seen in The Fast and the Furious just yet. If you have the money, then it’s possible. But we would strongly recommend that you go for something in the used market.


The uncomfortable truth is that you are more likely to get into a car accident when you’re a new driver. Damage to a new vehicle will be very costly. Not only have you damaged something you’ve paid a lot for, but the repairs themselves will be more expensive. Don’t just consider the initial price. Your first car should be something you can afford for the long-term.


If you want to learn to do repairs yourself, then you’ll feel much more comfortable tinkering around with a car you get for cheap. Parts for older cars are sometimes much easier to come by. You can sometimes just find them lying around at a scrap yard!