Pictures that Depict How Ramadan is Celebrated in Different Parts of the World

Ramadan is a very pious festival that is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by all the Muslims all around the world by fasting for around a month. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad according to Islamic belief. Different parts of the world celebrate the very holy festival with the same faith and rituals. There is a collection of some pictures that show How Ramadan is Celebrated all around the globe. Go through the pictures given below to have a glance at the Ramadan celebration around the world.

How Ramadan is Celebrated in Different Parts of the World

  1. Srinagar India

Muslim women with a girl child praying at the Shah-i-Hamdaan shrine in Srinagar on the special occasion of Ramadan.

  1. Lahore, Pakistan
    How Ramadan is Celebrated

Pakistani Muslims, at a Lahore mosque, performing special “Taraweeh” evening prayers in the month of Ramadan.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey
    How Ramadan is Celebrated

At the Blue Mosque square in Istanbul, thousands of Muslims are seen breaking their fast in the pious month of Ramadan.

  1. Surabaya, Indonesia
    How Ramadan is Celebrated

Muslims of Indonesia are seen praying in the first Tarawih at the Al-Akbar Mosque in Surabaya, Indonesia.

  1. Pattani Thailand
    How Ramadan is Celebrated

Several Muslim women came to offer prayer at the Pattani Central Mosque in the month of Ramadan.

  1. Dhaka, Bangladesh
    How Ramadan is Celebrated

Street vendors are seen preparing the Iftar food for breaking the fasts at a traditional bazaar in the old part of Dhaka.

  1. Sidon Lebanon
    How Ramadan is Celebrated

A street vendor carrying the traditional sweets called ‘Qatayef’ to celebrate the occasion of Ramadan.

  1. Gaza City, Palestine
    How Ramadan is Celebrated

Blind Palestinian girls are reading the Braille version of the Koran at the main center of Dar al-Koran Society.

  1. Ventimiglia, Italy
    How Ramadan is Celebrated

Migrants from Libya, Sudan and Eritrea are praying at the French border with a hope of entering the country in Ventimiglia, Italy.

  1. Taunggyi, Myanmar
    How Ramadan is Celebrated

Muslims are praying at a mosque in Taunggyi capital city of Shan State, Myanmar.

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I wish all of you a great Ramadan and do celebrate this wonderful festival with great love and affection.