Reasons to Use Personalised Pens for Brand Promotion At an Event

Direct marketing is considered one of the most cost-effective ways to get your brand’s name out there, but it can be difficult to come up with something that resonates with people and makes them take notice. 

If you want to promote your business at an event, consider giving away promotional pens that are personalised with your business name or logo, and contact details. 

Here are some great reasons why giving away personalised pens at an event could be the best way to build your business and get noticed!

Get Your Message to a Wide Range of People

You can hand pens out at events, and people will use them. That means you get more visibility as your message gets carried around by your customers. It also means that you’ll reach a wide range of people instead of just those who are right in front of you during your promotion.  

Suitable For Multiple Marketing Platforms

The beauty of personalised pens is that they can be used as promotional materials across multiple marketing platforms. Whether you are working on trade shows, conferences, or other event-related activities, a simple pen can be one of your most significant resources when it comes to brand promotion.

Can Be Used Again and Again

Unlike some other promotional tools, people can use pens repeatedly. They are easy to carry around and fit in a purse or pocket. Simply put, everyone uses a pen at some point during the day, which means there is plenty of opportunity for brand exposure.  

Affordable Promotional Item

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Pens are a lot more affordable than other promotional items such as T-shirts and keychains. It means that you can afford a more significant number of pens at lower costs, allowing you to make an impact at your event or trade show.

Stands Out from Competitors

It’s all too easy for your brand name or logo to get lost in a sea of branded promotional products. And it is not something that any company wants when trying to promote their business. However, when you choose personalised pens for brand promotion as your product, it help you stand out from your competitors at any event.

Help You Build Brand Identity and Create Brand Loyalty

Creating a brand identity and building brand loyalty isn’t easy. One of the best tools at your disposal is promotional pens, which are among your best branding investments. Branded with your logo or name, people can use them at conferences, conventions, seminars, or even in-office marketing campaigns.

Personalised pens serve as constant reminders about who you are and what you do and help establish brand recognition through repeated exposure every time a recipient uses it.

They’re More Effective than a Business Card

There is no denying that giving away pens with your brand on them at a trade show, conference, or event is more effective than handing out business cards. It lets you connect with attendees on a more personal level. Most people say they find more value in free branded stationery such as pens than free business cards.

Promotional pens are a great way to brand your company and get your name out into a new market. Investing in personalised pens for brand promotion can be both fun and rewarding.

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