Safety First: Your Winter Driving Survival Guide

Wintry weather is notoriously hazardous for motorists. With a seemingly endless stream of storms appearing on the weather maps, there’s never been a better time to talk about staying safe on the roads. If you’re preparing to get behind the wheel and the weather forecast isn’t looking too clever, this infographic should prove useful.


Preparing for any journey in wintry weather is essential. Even if you’re driving two miles, rather than 200, it’s wise to be ready for all eventualities. Take a moment to gather items that you may need if you get stranded, you need to stop for a while, or you’re finding the conditions challenging. Pack snacks, drinks and plenty of warm clothing before you leave, and make sure you have a coat and some sturdy shoes with you. Plan your route in advance, but be prepared to make changes, just in case there are road closures. Having a sat nav with you will help you if you need to take a detour. Take a scraper, some basic first aid supplies, a shovel and a torch with you.


Before you go on any trip, it’s always beneficial to carry out some simple checks. Check the pressure of your tires and have a quick look at the condition of your tires to make sure they’re not worn or damaged. Top up the oil and screenwash and make sure you’ve got enough gas to reach your destination. Use a map or your sat nav to look for gas stations en-route if you’re making a long journey. Drive according to the conditions. If it’s icy, you’ll need to reduce your speed and increase your stopping distance.

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