Save Money On Your Vehicle Expenses With These Seven Tips


When you’re looking to save money it’s worth examining all of your monthly expenses. Owning a vehicle can be costly, from the upfront costs to the maintenance and insurance. If you want to make a few savings, there are a few tricks that you can try.


1 . Clean Your Own Vehicle

Purchasing a car can be a big expense, which is why you’ll want to keep your car in great condition. Instead of paying to have your car cleaned, you can save money by cleaning your vehicle yourself. If you want to keep things eco-friendly, consider using a cleaner that’s water-based, phosphate-free and biodegradable.


  1. Try A Second-Hand Car

Buying a new vehicle can be incredibly expensive, and vehicles start to lose value as soon as you start driving them. When you buy a second-hand car you can save money on the upfront expense, and get a cheaper car insurance deal too. 

When you’re choosing a second-hand car it’s important to shop around, find a good dealer, and give the car a test drive. Write down potential car models, your budget, and your vehicle needs. Buying a second-hand car doesn’t mean poor quality and there are lots of ways you can customize your car.


  1. Get Into Carpooling

Carpooling can help you to save the planet and save money too, there are a few carpooling apps you can use. You might consider ridesharing for your commute, or for special events like festivals or concerts? Ridesharing means less drivers on the roads, resulting in reduced emissions. Don’t like the idea of carpooling to work? Consider cycling to work instead? Cycling is another great way to save money and go green!

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  1. Get Money Saving Apps

If you want to save money on your car costs there are a few different apps that can help. Gasbuddy is a neat app that can help you to compare gas prices, you can find the best deals on gas, and you can get advice about reducing your fuel economy. Waze is another useful app that can help you to make savings. It’s a live-traffic app that can help you to find the quickest routes, saving fuel in the process. Other apps that can help you to save money on your car expenses are:


  • Car Minder: Keep on top of your maintenance to make savings ongoing.
  • Drivo: Track your vehicle expenses, mileage and make a budget.


  1. Take A Defensive Driving Course

A defensive driving course is a special course designed around the concept of safe driving. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how to stay safe on the roads, and predict the actions of the drivers around you. When you take a defensive driving course you can apply for a better deal on your car insurance.

These courses can reduce your chances of being in an accident, yet you’ll still need to take care when you’re on the roads. There are several driving safe apps which can help you to avoid distracted driving. It’s especially important to be mindful when driving behind large vehicles. Should you get into an accident you’ll need to find the 

the right truck accident lawyer for you.


  1. Invest In An EV Vehicle

Electric vehicles are better for the planet, they produce zero emissions and they can also help you to save money. Since EVs don’t use fuel, you make savings this way. What’s more, EVs are easier to maintain than traditional cars, meaning your maintenance costs won’t be as high. There are plenty of different EVs to choose from whether you’d like an electric car, an electric bike, or a motorbike. All of these vehicles can help you to save the planet and make savings on your vehicle costs.

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  1. Compare Car Insurance Deals

To save money it’s a good idea to shop around for different car insurance deals. There are plenty of discounts that you could be eligible for. A few of the most common car insurance discounts include no- accident discounts or multiple driver discounts. Some providers offer discounts if your car is equipped with certain security features. There are plenty of different vehicle insurance providers out there, so looking around could land you with a great deal.

There are lots of ways to save money on your vehicle expenses and reduce your monthly bills. When you start to budget your car finances you’ll soon start to build up your savings. From money-saving apps to second-hand cars, there are lots of options out there.