So You Want to Start an Auto Detailing Business?

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People love their cars, and they love to take good care of them, which means getting into the auto detailing business can be a very good career move, especially if you also love cars and you’re looking for a fairly low-cost business venture to embark upon.

Setting up an auto detailing business is pretty simple, but there are a few things you should know before you jump in at the deep end:


You Must Abide by Local Water Discharge Laws

Many local municipalities, especially those on the west coast and in other areas which are prone to droughts, have their own strict local water discharge laws and they could affect you as an auto detailing business, So, it is a very good idea that you visit your local town hall and find out what permits you’ll need to get and how you will need to conduct your business to stay on the right side of the law. Fail to do this, and your business could be over before it even gets started.


You Will Need Insurance

Cars are expensive, and as a detailer, a lot of people are going to be trusting you with theirs. It is, then, of the utmost importance that you take out a garage keeper’s insurance policy, which will cover you should any damage occur while the vehicle is in your care. The last thing you want is to be sued by a disgruntled customer and end up losing your business as a result!


You Will Have to Invest in Industrial Equipment

If you’re running a detailing business, then you can’t just use the basic car cleaning tools you find at the local hardware store, you will need to invest in Jetwave Industrial Cleaning Equipment, and higher quality cleaning products, such as those from Detail King, than you might use on your car,  which will allow you to do a more thorough job more effectively – often the cheapest options give the poorest results. Fail to do this and your detailing business will not match up to the competition, and you’ll find it really tough to break into the market.

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You Shouldn’t Accept Every Job

This is kind of counterintuitive because you want to make money, so why would you turn away a paying customer, right? It’s exactly because you want to make money that you should potentially turn down some jobs. You see, some customers you come across will have let their car’s upkeep go for so long that it’s just too dirty for it to be worth your while. You could try charging them more for the cleanup, but that might offend them, so sometimes it really is easier to say that you’re too busy and you simply can’t fit the job in than it is to work too long for too little or risk upsetting people and having that get out.


If you come up with a killer business plan, you pay attention to the above information, and you choose a prime location that sees a lot of traffic, there is no reason why your auto detailing business cannot be a great success. Good luck!