Solar Power – The Future of Home and Business

Global renewables are set to expand by 50% by 2024. Cheaper solar power alone will grow to a capacity of around 600GW worldwide and will be responsible for powering around 100 million homes. As our homes and businesses look for more ways to adopt eco-friendly practices, the appeal of solar as a way to reduce our carbon footprint is growing year on year. Investing in solar power early is set to ensure savings both in terms of your carbon output but also in terms of your monthly energy bills.

Solar Power

Once you’re connected to the grid, the excess power generated by solar panels are channeled back into the network and placing credit on your bill. Solar experts at Freedom Solar estimate the average lifespan of a solar panel once installed is over 40 years, guaranteeing you power as long as there’s sunlight. Wind and solar power are already among the cheapest across two-thirds of the planet in terms of renewables and are well set to outpace retail electricity providers across the globe. Investing in this technology early ensures that your home and business keep on top of this energy curve.

Saves Money

The benefits of solar power are clear, the initial outlay immediately starts earning money back on its investment by returning excess energy to the national grid and decreasing your energy bill. While the energy drawn from your solar panels is due to vary depending on where you are in the world, and the amount of money saved will vary depending on your utility rates, Solar is sure to start offsetting rising electricity costs from the moment it’s installed. And with renewable energy installations being subsidised by various governments around the world, for both commercial as well as residential use, investing in solar is unlikely to be as expensive as first imagined. It’s also worth noting that solar panels improve the value of your home; homeowners in America, for example, are increasingly looking to solar power to save on their energy bills, making solar panels a common consideration in modern home design.

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Saves the Planet

Solar power is an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, without even thinking about it. Once it’s installed in your home or business, it will immediately begin to offset your reliance on energy derived from fossil fuels. This can reduce your emissions by as much as 80% for a household relying entirely on solar. With our reliance on fossil fuels set to decline over the coming years and decades, investing in solar panels early will help accelerate that process whilst also saving you money. Solar power is set to be at the center of the renewable energy market as a provider of cheap and clean energy for homes and businesses. As a way to contribute your part to reducing global carbon emissions, solar is one of the easiest and cost efficient ways of doing it. 

With the climate crisis becoming an ever more central element to our daily lives, modernising your home with solar panels can afford both an environmentally friendly solution and an increasingly economically viable one.