Starting a Successful Business in 2019: What Does it Take?


The advancement of technology means we now all have access to smartphones, laptops and an internet connection- so it’s easy to assume that starting a business in the modern world is easier than ever. However, it’s not that simple. While creating a website and registering as a business might be something you can do with a few taps of a button, actually getting people to buy from you and running a successful company is much more complicated. Here are a few things you’ll need to have if you want to succeed in 2019 and beyond


The modern world is ever changing, things move at an incredible pace. A couple of decades ago, you could pretty much get a ‘job for life’ with a company but it’s no longer the case. Advancements in technology mean that things change much more rapidly, companies have to adjust to ensure they’re constantly providing their customers with what they want. Because of this, to start a successful business in 2019 you need to have a degree of flexibility. It doesn’t mean selling out or giving up on your original dreams, but you need to be aware that as the world changes, customers expectations and demands will too and your business will need to change with this to keep up. Keep an eye on your competitors as well as the wider world, be in the know about changes as these could trickle down to affect your company. From huge economic impacts such as Brexit to customers changing views towards things like veganism, businesses can be affected in ways that are hard to predict at first. 

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Excellent marketing

Modern customers are hard to please. With so many businesses out there, customers have their pick of who they want to shop with. They can compare prices and products at the click of a button, and are so used to all of the older marketing techniques such as banner advertising that they’re now largely unaffected. ‘Banner blindness’ for example means that people simply no longer consciously register these types of ads on their screen- not to mention the use of ad blockers completely eliminates them for many people. Modern businesses need to use modern and innovative ways to connect with their customers and sell their products. Be prepared to spend the correct amount on your marketing- it will cost more than you think.

Environmentally friendly

We all know what impact we as humans have had on the planet over the past few generations. From deforestation to a hole in the ozone layer, a plastic epidemic and even animal species going extinct, we’ve finally realised that we all need to be doing more to save the earth. Recycling is now commonplace, single use plastics like straws are no longer being used and companies are taking pledges to reduce the impact they’re having on the environment. As a business in 2019, you need to follow suite. Not only is it the moral thing to do, but it’s what customers want. Have a think about ways you can reduce your carbon footprint- you could aim to use less paper, you could look into plastic alternatives for packaging and you could consider alternative fuel sources. A briquetting machine from for example allows you to create fuel briquettes from agricultural waste, instead of burning fossil fuels. There are lots of different ways your business can do its bit to help the planet, so consider this before opening your doors. 

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