The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Car Crash Victims Make

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Been involved in a car accident? Whether it’s a small bump or a serious crash, knowing what to do next can often be unclear. However, there are some big mistakes that can be costly, both to your health and your wallet. Here are the five mistakes to avoid making after being involved in a car accident.


Neglecting to see a doctor

It’s worth getting checked over by a doctor after an injury within the first four days. This should be especially the case if you’ve been experiencing any mild pain, particularly a headache or back/neck pain. Car crash injuries can start off small and gradually turn into something worse. Catch them early in the bud and you could end up making a quicker recovery – there’s nothing gained from being too proud to visit the doctor. If anything, seeing a doctor will get it medically documented, which will help if you later decide to make a legal claim.  


Notifying your insurance company too late

Some vehicle insurance providers will only allow you to make a claim if you’ve notified them within 48 hours. Notifying them after this period might result in them rejecting your claim, and then you’ll have to pay for any repairs yourself. You don’t have to make a claim straight away, but should notify them immediately of what has happened. Details will also be fresher in your mind, helping you with any subsequent claim.


Starting repairs before getting compensation

You should wait for your insurance company to pay out before doing any repairs. If your insurance company rejects your claim and you’ve already started to get your vehicle fixed up, you may then not be able to pay the mechanics. An insurance company may also decide to ask for more details such as photographs of the damage. If you’ve already started getting a repairs, you won’t be able to provide proof of the damage. Be aware that you can and should still seek quotes from mechanics whilst waiting for your compensation to come through. Some insurance companies may also pay for you to have a hire car in the meantime.

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Forgoing legal action

In many cases, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you can claim legal compensation too. A car accident lawyer will be specialised in this area and be able to help you get the money you deserve. This compensation could help to further pay for vehicle repairs or medical care if you have been injured.


Accepting the first repair quote

You should always shop around for mechanic prices as many are likely to charge different rates for repair. Your first option may not always be the cheapest. An insurance company may value the fact that you have gathered multiple quotes. Be aware that in some cases you may even be able to buy your own parts instead of getting a mechanic to order them in. This could help to save costs further. Always buy parts from trusted dealers and read reviews on repair centres in order guarantee top quality service.