The Best Car Tech Features Available Right Now

If you’re a car owner, you should know as much as possible about the new tech features that are changing the way we drive right now. Some of these can be added to your existing car. Or you might want to look out for these features if you’re searching for a new car to buy. Read on to learn about these top car tech features and their main uses.


Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

This is a feature that many people believe will be huge in the future of driving. Vehicle to vehicle communication allows cars to transmit data and information between one another. And vehicle to infrastructure technology allows them to do the same with their surroundings, such as traffic lights and signs. It can give power back to the driver and help them to get sharper information regarding things like traffic and the climate. It makes a big difference.


Apple CarPlay

If your car is compatible with Apple CarPlay, you will be able to use most of your apps and iPhone features via your car’s infotainment system. This is a pretty impressive breakthrough. More and more cars are arriving with this compatibility. The same is true for the Android equivalent, known as Android Auto. Both of these systems will help you enjoy spending time in your car much more, so make use of them if your car allows you to.

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Active Park Assist

If parking is one of those things that you’ve always hated, active park assist could be just what you’re looking for. Your hands won’t even need to touch the steering wheel, but your car will be parked swiftly and safely. You’ve got to experience it for yourself to see just how impressive it is. If you purchase a new Ford Mondeo, you will have access to this feature. So, it’s not hard to find affordable vehicles that include this tech feature.

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Rear-View Cameras

These days, camera technology is very small, and that’s why it’s now in use on many cars and vehicles. It gives the driver a chance to see what’s going on around the car while it’s in motion. Rear-view cameras are particularly useful when you’re trying to reverse into a tight spot. It can increase the accuracy of your driving, and make minor bumps and collisions far rarer than they are at the moment. Before long, all new cars will have them.


Voice Controls

If you’re the kind of person that always needs to feel connected, you’ll want the same when you’re in your car. Of course, you need to be able to stay connected and communicative in a way that’s safe. That’s where voice controls come in. You can use them to send texts and make calls while in your car. And you can keep two hands on the wheel at all times for optimum safety, which has to be a positive thing.

The tech features found in cars are improving all the time. These are the most interesting and important right now, and there’ll be even more coming our way soon.